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A Few Things

           Time’s Edit: The ranks have been divided into two groups, Navy and Air Force, King Kinz and Korei will lead Navy, me and quince will lead Air Force

Ok, First, I am take a 2-3 week Leave. Ya my Laptop broke and my parents computer is SOOOOO SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill be on a few times when im at my Uncle’s. He has like 4 computers. So ya ill be Leaving for 2-3 weeks. If you people are not active, theres gonna be Hell to Pay. No joke.

             Ok Secondly, WE ARE HAVING A POLL FOR AMBASSADOR!!!!! Me Time689 and King Kinz10 have decided on a special seclect four.

NO HACKING!!!!!!!!!

p.s. Make sure too read the post below for ALL Upcoming Events

Good Luck too all of you Running,



5 Responses

  1. who r u going to pick to be your replacement while your gone

    and happy break

  2. hmm i see clan is up there didnt he just quit?

  3. hmm i just went on the chat and found out that clanleader quit…yet he is on this poll…

  4. when does the poll end?

  5. Clan did Quit

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