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New leader/Leader meeting

hello its me generation 3! im 1 of the 3 people selected to lead this army i thought u should just know a little bit about me.

i started CP in spring of 07′ i then started to talk to my friends about how cool it would be if there were CP armies i then found the nachos which evntually led me to RRCP and A WHOLE LOT of other armies.


korei3: Guys, I will be coming back soon, So dont get a fourth Leader. Try too Get some people to join. Make sure they are active though. Also, I will be assigning the four leaders jobs. Dont worry, Its a good thing 😀

~Korei3 Out

Kong236: Also Korei if your reading this I would like you to attend also for this one last time because I need to ask you something important before you leave, or you can meet me on chat privately either way is fine with me.

Jaroziz: I think we should inform the lower ranks befor we do any of this “change”. Some might not like it and quit.

There will be a leader meeting this Sunday to discuss what we’re going to change in this new army.

Who: Only people of owner rank may attend

Where: RRCP Leader Chat http://xat.com/RRCPmeetingRoom

When: Sunday June 14, 2009





Why: We will be discussing what to change and what to keep . Possibly a new uniform so please come with ideas.

If you do not come to the meeting ,leaders, then it will result in you having no say in what we keep or change. You have been warned . This voting process will be based on majority rule, if there are ideas with the same amount of votes from the leaders then we will settle this with some kind of tie breaker. Please all leaders either comment on this post or edit it and write something so we can know which leaders will be attending.

Edit: If there are any lower ranks then please comment on this post. And please feel free to come to this meeting. Have your voice be heard. We would also like to hear what you have to say if there are any remaining members.

~~~generation 3~~~

I am everywhere and nowhere


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  2. i think i can come

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