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Army Council owns Mammoth? I don't think so.

Kong236: Except for all the spelling errors. Why are we getting involved in this feud over who owns Mammoth?


Pengyster48: No kidding!  You got a way with words dude!  Also check out the new header!  There’s a post about it below this.

Korei3: Wow, good post.

The Mammoth Possession Bill

This bill hereby gives the Club Penguin Army Council possession of the neutral server Mammoth.  The Council will have the authority to schedule battles, recruiting, invasions, etc. while making the server neutral and available for use by all Council armies.  This bill also assures that Mammoth is neutral, and will remain in the joint custody of the Club Penguin Army Council.

Well, apparantly the Army Council thinks that, by passing this bill, they will automaticly gain possetion of  Mammoth. Hmm… there is something wrong with this picture. The Army Council wants to take posseton of Mammoth and they will only have the authority to have battles there. Mammoth is a NEUTRAL server people. In the Army Council is about 10 armies, and this is saying that only they would own it, not anyone else. It says that Mammoth will remain neutral for all Army Council armies. Not anyone else. Just Army Council armies. This is like saying that if the U.S. passes a bill for Canada ownership, they own Canada. See how Screwed up this is? Here are some quotes:

Akabob22: No.

I dont like this one:


The Mammoth Possession Bill was written because we, The Club Penguin Army Council, wanted to bring back the old war server, Mammoth.

When people think back to “The Golden Ages”, they think of wars.  When people think of wars, the server that comes to mind is Mammoth.  When ACP owned Mammoth, it was the center of easily 75% of the action in CP Armies.  At some point last summer, a group of leaders decided to make Mammoth neutral, and ACP gave in.  Many people mark this event as the end of the old era, and the beginning of the peace and the Dark Ages that followed.  Wars were no longer over land because everyone had their own territory.

Another one that is dumb:


Many ideas had been suggested involving Mammoth from invasions, to wars, to mass recruiting.  Mammoth was neutral however, meaning no one had the authority to schedule anything major there.  Once this bill was passed, Mammoth became the possession of the Council.  Because the Council is a group of armies and not just one, it is still a neutral server available for others to use, only now the Council can schedule their invasions, wars, and recruiting sessions on Mammoth.  From this bill, hope we can restore Mammoth as the war server it used to be, and we hope that the army action on Club Penguin armies’ most famous server will give new life to the armies that have fallen since it became neutral and unoccupied.

Lol Person 😆

Person1233:Sorreh to burst your bubble, but a document doesn’t conquer a server. The Council’s got to invade it and successfully capture, even though, it’s still neutral.

This doesn’t make any sense:

Farsight:awesome this is so cool! mammoth is a huge war zone and hopefully our soldiers will stop fighting on it.

I HIGHLY reccomend action should be taken.


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