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Kong236: We have so many edits because there are so many contradictions…

Waddle: we have soooo many edits on this post… and there is an army called UWA they are a couple armies merged i know one of the merged armies is CPNS…. idk about NWA…

Kong236: Korei what you don’t understand is the “dead” army your talking about is not the one I was talking about. There is another army recently made three days ago (last time I checked) that has taken the name UWA. Why don’t you click on the link next time, because I wouldn’t be talking about an army that has long expired. Dewster’s army has stopped fighting with the Nachos, they are now at peace. Their site is pretty good, if you’ve ever checked it

Korei3: Hi, im not yet back. I got a chance to use a comp. UWA has been dead for about a year. NWA isnt a dead army. So there setteled. And Dewsters army will NEVER be an allie of us.

~Still in Panama City Beach~


Kong236- Not exactly Generation. The armies in question are inactive, so we may use their name since they are not. This has happened before so don’t be surprised, because we’re not the first army to have a name that another army has had.

Generation3- wait a second cookies i thought  NWA and UWA were armies already so technically they were both disqualified

Kong236- Hmm…it appears I have found another army that goes by the name United Warriors Army (UWA). Click HERE. This army is what you would call a “noob army” but we cannot deny them the right to the name since they got there first. We cannot just take something for ourselves to serve our selfish gains that was never ours in the first place. Sorry korei, but we’re going to have to find a way to maneuver around this name delima but stealing cannot be a solution. Seems like fate is against us.

Well sorry for posting so late; the post containing the poll did say it would end on Sunday, which it is, at 6:00pmEST. As you can see NWA won by a few votes but it is still a narrow but sure victory. We will make the site as soon as Korei3 comes back, because I don’t want to make a too drastic decision in the absence of a leader. Korei will probably come back furious partly because he wanted UWA to win and because in the last post he said NWA was disqualified and here I am making a victory post. If you are seeing this Korei on your return we will discuss this so don’t be too mad.

Done by Kong


~Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained~ Kong236


2 Responses

  1. Does that mean SV wins?

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