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Another Meeting

Quince2: Kong, I retired because I couldent be as active as I was Before. But Now that I am an army advisor I dont have to be super active like all leaders. And Korei asked me to be an army advisor, So just deal with it for once, We all have to deal with you. 

Kong236: Why Quince? This is only because you guys are “best friends”, and he quit for reasons unknown…Oh and korei apparently Icebird retired so I guess there a position that can be filled. He told me himself and if you need proof of this you know where to find me.

Quince2 Edit: Well Hmm Yea I guess I cant say Much, Korei explained it all. but this helps cause now I can be a slaker XD Yay For me.

Korei3: Ok, I need to tell you a few things. Quince 2 is our new Army Advisor. So, with all who dont like this, SUCKS FOR YOU!!

~Live Fast, Fight Hard~


Well the title says it all we’re having “Another Meeting”. Half of the names placed on the poll were disqualified due to the fact that they are owned by another army. I know we could probably take the name since they are small and feeble, but it would hamper our recruiting possibilities. When they search our name their name will probably come up as well; we will lose possible recruits to that army, which won’t allow us to grow. Some of you may comment saying that we should keep the name Rouge Rangers of Club Penguin (RRCP) since it was next in line to win, but we have worked too hard to try and change the name that it would defeat the purpose if we kept it. Then others will say if RRCP didn’t win then Shadow Vikings (SV) should be our name, but what some of you don’t understand is that the name “Viking” must also be accompanied with the Viking helm which is limiting our clothing options when with another name we could probably wear whatever we choose fit. Never choose a name that pertains to a specific  clothing.This time the meeting can be attended by anyone that is in this army, so we may get more ideas. The meeting was scheduled, this time, a couple days before hand not only to get people aware in time, but to give more time to come up with potential names for this army.

Before presenting your name at the meeting make sure it is able to pass through the Club Penguin filters.

When: Monday, July 13






Where: http://xat.com/rrcpmeetingroom or click HERE.

Why: Obviously to obtain a name worthy of our army. Not only to increase the possible recruits we may obtain, but to increase our activity rate exponentially.


Commenting increases your chances at getting a promotion, also if you are not able to come to the meeting please be sure to drop a couple ideas off in the post and we will review them at the meeting.

~Live and let live~ Kong236



10 Responses

  1. Moo I’ll be there…

  2. if my soccer practice gets cancled, then yes!

  3. I’ll be there

  4. i can be there

  5. i think we should be called the dark rangers of cp

  6. probably can’t make it

  7. yes! quince is an awesome leader

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