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Meeting's Results

Korei3:  Our name is very noobish. Generation, your not a Leader anymore so I dont really need you Approval. And WE WILL CHANGE THE NAME!! And I might have a active army that will do A good merge with us. Im not telling ANYONE the name. When the name thing is done, I will go more into that subject. Also we need to decide on A name. This is taking too long.
Waddle- (d) icon on xat what’s that supposted to mean??

Generation3- I do not approve of that name korei , also i would like to say sorry i wasn’t a the meeting my father and i were out fishing , this name thing has become very big im pretty sure some people will beat someone with a brick to get there point across no names *cough* waddle *cough*

Kong236- Sorry korei I don’t like the name, and I’m sure there are a few people that will also disapprove of the name. There must be more names not yet used instead of the one you have chosen. We should not rush into this, like you did when choosing the name RRCP. I choose not to sign it.

Quince2: I am So Very Sorry  of the fact that I did not speak during our meeting. Just before the meeting began my mother told me she had to use the computor very quick. but she was on for  2+ Hrs, again i am sorry I did not speak in our meeting.

Korei3: Ok so here it is. I will meet up with one of our soldiers, see of the name CPDF (Club Penguin Defender Force) works. If it does its our new name. I need approval from all the other Leaders first. So all leader please sign this.

(Please use the color you make edits in)

Korei3- Korei3


Kong 236- No


~Thank You~


Well first off I’d like to thank  all the RRCP army members that attended, your contribution to this meeting will not go without reward. Of course some did not show, but like last time it was a big turnout.

Done by kong

Many left too soon, so we were not able to agree on a name. The questions that must be asked now is, “What do we do now after depleting all options?” (maybe not all options) “How will we settle this?”. Korei please feel free to edit this post with your opinion on the matter. Please don’t make the solution to have “another meeting”.

~Live and let live~ Kong236


5 Responses

  1. im happy that im going to rank up sence i was at the meeting

  2. I have an idea for teh name. Also, I probably won’t be here for awhile.

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