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Practice Battle

Quince2: ~POST BELLOW IS VIDEO OF THE WEEK CHECK IT OUT~Sorry to make another edit on this post but I would Like to say something about this name. FV (Fire Vikings) Is probably not a good name to turn to, My main reson is that When we recruit the word fire will most likely lead people to the FW site not ours. and Korei I know you think RRCP sounds “Noobish” but If you think about it ‘Nachos’ Sounds verry noobish but look how famouse they are now! Also FV sounds Noobish in my opinion.

Korei3: Like I said on chat. Lets both shut up :). And also, my Mom isnt gonna buy me a domain. It would be greatly apprecited if you ask your Mom, Dad, or any other Family member with a credit card. Not all of you will be trusted with the power of doing this. This message is mainly for Leaders and High ranks that I have trust in. Remeber Cookies, No more fighting 🙄

Kong236- My grammar was flawless. First off “grammar” isn’t supposed to be capitalized. “No offense” is a fragment sentence please make it a complete your thought or idea. It’s supposed to be “I’m” not “im”. It’s supposed to be “won’t” not “wont”, and it’s supposed to be “I’ve not “Ive”. I’m not ignorant Korei; sorry but your sadly mistaken for yourself. Your so ignorant you are not aware of your own ignorance. I’m really paranoid so I never over-look anything; that’s not ignorance. Most of the people on the ranks arent active. Now the people that I’ve gotten are active. Let’s just put this all behind us unless you want to start some sort of debate contest or rebellion, I’m sure I would win both.

Korei3: Just stop being so rude. And that was some bad Grammar. No offence. And I know im like that sometimes. If you stop being so rude and ignorant to people this stuff wont happen. And Ive done much for this army. I got most of the people on the ranks.

Kong236- I’m sorry korei but I don’t mean to be so annoying, it’s just that your a dictator and treat everyone like they are less than you. I may do that too , but I actually listen and I bet their are more people in this army that actually like me better like Generation for instance. Generation is very intelligent, by my standard more than you anyways, and he edits because he cares and he actually has pretty good logic. I have probably done more for this army than you. I recruit on Nacho chat and have gotten probably 3 recruits. I have made back-up sites, which took a while to figure out. I am the most productive leader. If you fire me just like that without some form of hearing then it’d just prove how much of a dictator you really are. Now can you please stop.
Korei3: Kong, stop being a D-Bag. Fw, Fv, Iw, Iv. Understand. Fv is our new name once i get the domain. Ill fire you, im really sick of you always complaining and insulting people. I dont care what the rule say. GOSH! Just stop ok?!

Kong236- Wow KJ. What your basically saying is that FV is not derivative from FW its derivative from IW. That’s makes it a whole lot better (sarcasm).

Kj says: Ok I didn’t just name Fire Vikings cause I retired from FW. As you know there is Ice Vikings, it is a relative of Ice Warriors. So can’t there be a Fire Vikings relating to Fire Warriors? FW, IW. FV, IV. Thats all I say.

Kong236: You sound so ignorant. You just don’t understand. I’ll stop arguing because it’s pointless.

Korei3: I did check ok. I found it. They have a old Active post, it had 2 comments 😐 And this name thing is taking to long. And we can make a different URL. This is gonna be our new name. This is my army, Ya Kong you made the name. I made this army with Time and King 🙄 The poll was there for 4 hours 😐 Everyone that is active voted. So I will be getting a Domain on this site (If my mom says ok, I sure hope so :D). And it will be something like fvarmy.com or something.

Kong236- I agree with Generation completely. He has some pretty good logic. Please korei don’t just make someone ambassador like that, although kj does have a lot of experience. I KNEW IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. AFTER LOOKING THROUGH THE INTERNET I FOUND AN ARMY WITH THE NAME FIRE VIKINGS….http://firevikings.wordpress.com/….THIS COULD HAMPER OUR RECRUITING POSSIBILITIES…DON’T KNOW WHY YOU DIDN’T CHECK KOREI.

Generation 3can we keep lookin for names, if kj just retired from fire warriors of course his suggestion will be something closely related(no offense kj) and if somehow this name goes through i don’t have half the stuff in the uniform we could at least have an alternate uniform, also we need to stop giving people huge ranks that havent even joined yet there are people who work very hard in this army to get a high rank

Kj Says: Well if we were to change our name to Fire Vikings Our uniform will be:


Korei3: Another thing. Kj is our new Ambassador. He Retired from FW today and I asked him and he said ok. He also told me a good new name. Fire Vikings (FV). I like this name, I think it will get us more people. Please vote!! NO HACKING!!!!!!!


Korei3: THE PB IS BEING RESCHDUALED TO TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read Post!

Kong236: Korei please make sure that everyone is present. My computer’s internet is acting really funny so I doubt I’ll be able to make it. Well we haven’t had a event, other than meetings, in a while. The current problem concerning our name has been consuming all of our time and energy, but I think instead of going to boring meetings we should have some fun. Lava Vice Alliance Ship (LVAS) has accepted my challenge with a practice battle. I think this practice battle will be a good way to self-evaluate our current state. This will be a true test of how strong we have gotten these past months, or how much we have fallen. During this event we will also be assessing how well you are able to follow orders and how quickly they can be carried out.

Please listen to the assigned leader and be checking the RRCP chat for your orders.Also look to the uniform page for the proper attire to wear. To visit our chat, CLICK HERE.

When: Saturday, July 18

Where: Icicle, Mine






Who: Lava Vice Alliance Ship also known as LVAS. They used to be on the army rankings until they dramatically fell. If you would like to see the site of our opponent, CLICK HERE

Please note that following this event we will be doing promotion so please be sure to attend. Though I’m sure some of you might think that since you went to the meeting you already have a promotion awaiting you, so you may decide not to go. You are wrong, this event may cause you to lose that promotion you worked so hard to earn.


~Live and let live~ Kong236


9 Responses

  1. i can make it,

  2. i think i can

  3. I can 🙄

  4. I can make it ._.

  5. i will be there sir!

  6. Hello I am one of the leaders of LVAS. Mix101 did not come to any of the other of the leaders about the war info. I can not make it and not even Mix can make it. So I am rescheduling the war to to tomorrow July 18,2009 at the same time and place. Well actually change it to Icicle Mine because of the band the snow Forts have no room. If you have any questions go to http://lvascp.wordpress.com

  7. i can make it 😉

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