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Our Last Merge Meeting, I Hope/Promotions

Kong236: Well Cowboysfan wants to make the meeting this Tuesday, but with the same times and location. He can make the meeting post this time.

Korei3: I  also wasnt able to make it 😦 And Green just PCed me and said we are invading you in 3 hrs. I told him you need a 24 hr. notice he didnt care. I dont want Dacp as a allie. They are a emeny. I would like to know howthe meeting went. And Dacp isnt that big. Hes talking that other gay army.

Kong236: I wasn’t able to make it for problems with my computer. I’m guessing we should reschedule the meeting, but this time agree on an acceptable time.What’s the deal with Greenarms? I’m guessing you had something to do with his retaliation, korei. We won’t need allies with DACP. It will be a fair one on one fight. Please Greenarms don,t resort to hacking. You claim you get 5oohits a day. You should be able to take us.
Korei3: Ok so today at 3:00pm EST Greenarms007  said Dacp declared war on us 😐 He also said he was gonna raid our Merge Meeting 😐 No worries about that. Ill just Guest Bann them forever 🙂 He gave me a 3 hr. notice. You MUST give AT LEAST a 24 hr. notice. He said his 50+ ppl (Its probley CPMA or whatever. They have one comment for whos comming, him 😐 I talked to Pringle and he said later next week FW (Fire Warriors) will help us invade one of there servers 🙂 Me and Pringle will set the date and time later in the week 🙂

I feel so bad for Green and Dacp 🙄

Ok, we might merge into NWA. This is not yet official. Here is the Info:

When: Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where: http://xat.com/rrcpmeetingroom OUR MEETING ROOM


9:00 pm EST

8:00pm CST

7:00pm MST

6:00pm PST

Why: To make a possible merge

Who: Leader ranked/Army Advisers


~Live Free & Fight Hard~


Wow, what everyone has been anticipating and waiting for, promotions. I don’t think we’ve had one since the creation of RRCP, so this is the first. I’d like to thank the many that were active and kept to their oath to stay active. It must have been hard to have to wait for so long, but your patience is finally being rewarded. Though many did not come to the practice battle with LVAS, many did come to the many meetings we had. Here they are:

Note Grand Generals and above are not able to achieve a higher rank unless a position opens up.

Promotion = Gold

Demotion = Gray

Leader: korei3, Kong236(Satheinor), Pengyster48, Time689

Co-Leader: Waddle5897, Generation3

Ambassador: Jaroziz KjBulldogs1

______Owner Line______

Grand General: Tom44, Vio789, Striker94, Missiong1, Greenarms007, Pwener1, DashA, Vikings922, Clanleader6, Frostbite375

Head General: Chunksym, Potatoes4, Cooljohnl, Mcnuggetboy

Major General: Kingblackeye, dots0415, maxi96203, Drewthak98, Cahockey

Brigadier General: rj138, 77 hockey, Shedinja 777, penguin21319093, Benag, Coolblue6766, Widgeyman, Brian2822, Cocacola565, Daviepoo, Mirros/zamroos

General: gph136, Policeman558, Sandy 2618, Ads354, Stuffywuddle, Alexs54321, Twinkie81, Oaklintour, Cookie97897, Shannon25125, Atjks, Jetrob, Shakybadger

______Mod Line______

Commander: Dashing Snow,  Ninjakid999, Naurto238, Paintballah,

Major: Monkey Ap, penguin70735761 (cpt sulkes), Scyther17, Nelena, Flippers1012

Lieutenant: xhuntercorey, Lime2149, Thomasseptem, sora7269, roboitzer, raccin11, micewindo, Farsight, Cool37, Izmehkennedy, Benwolf9, Therock175, Jeff1149, Samto, Lovexpenguin, Jillman, rover bot

Officer: vinn U, Empoleon2042, gara188, suylvester129, Yanksrule14, ”Black”, ronald0548, Bluguin8675, Foxtails, ColdFreeze, rj1379, Churrosboy30, Witter, Qman(Qmanmidieval), Kewanee, Small Tot12, Wwewwfwcw101

Sergeant: silvertroy30, 123eco456, Pink Kee Kem, gameboy24, 7penny2, whippyflippy, teffleletter, pups1235, 000ice000, C Bear98, Monsterfully, Shelby, Waddlr552, Lampman123, Pingpong9144, Cp Cassidy, Garythecool, Leboto, Blades1, Jackiechan70

Soldier: venom90513, korei4, teddyrocks3, extemoddude8, catboy1234, Jordan25019, bobby66276, swimmyblue, coolmancook, spongebam, mintmint1, luncaliann, boy814, bratzlover3, Fernando906, coolbird936, mallgirl75, 99sparky99, Chip34782, Mike99009, Lennoxo, Silver93215, Emandem, Guchigirl, Sockpuppet91, Opps4, Weasel, Storm15039, korei2, Cmastor, codsta24,sssfffppp, Edowg5, panda9000, bababobo3, Moosehoof, English54

Not everyone got a promotion, either because your too new to get on or you weren’t present at any of the events. But if you feel that you deserve a promotion then please fill out this form:



3)Reason why you deserve a promotion-

~Live and let live~ Kong236


23 Responses

  1. I deserve a Promotion :mrgreen:

  2. How about I demote you

  3. i cant make it im goin to D.C. for a week and i cant get online (cry2)
    so GOODBYE (bye)

  4. i didnt want to be invited anyway so u uninvited me to something i didnt want to be invited to anyway so wats the point of uninviting me if im not goin to be there

  5. The NW Leaders seem unresponsive.

  6. yea, i know , i was BUSY Fixing my garage, I’ll be on during this week. I’ll let all of the leaders know about the merge now that i’m back.

  7. And yet still i can’t make it….. So i’ll get all the leaders beside me to go to it.

  8. 😀 This will be fun!

  9. We arent in the CPUN 😐
    We are in SARA 🙂

  10. Don’t worry, i think i can make it to the meeting, i’ll explain later!

  11. I misssed it, I was playing MarioKart Wii with meh friend 😐

  12. so technically cookies u uninvited me to something i wasnt invited to that i wouldnt go to even if i was invited

  13. XD……..
    I figured out how to get to chats on my moms computer, so how about the same times next tuesday??

  14. so your saying that u uninvited me to something i wasnt invited to that i wouldnt even go to if i was invited

    Also, im bak from DC

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