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Rescheduled Merge Meeting

(Information attained from NW site)

When: Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where: http://xat.com/rrcpmeetingroom RRCP Meeting Room


9:00 pm EST

8:00pm CST

7:00pm MST

6:00pm PST

Why: To make a possible merge.

Who: Leaders and Advisers only (Anyone caught on the chat during these times will be banned and guested)



21 Responses

  1. cookies stop uninviting me to something i didnt want to be invited to if i wanted to be invited id talk to u but i havent so please stop un inviting me to stuff im not supposed to be invited to

  2. HOLY FU*K COOKIES THIS IS BECOMING TO MUCH. YOU ARE WAY TO ANNOYING! OK. And Hey, Look at Tony Halk, He richer than you will ever be! he has a Skateboard ramp bigger than your house and the land it sits on. This is truly getting ou tof hand. I dont care what anyone says about me. And your not that smart. if you are, PROVE ME WRONG! Your not perfect, nobody is. I dont care if my grammar is “Incorrect”, and I dont use big words. and I make spelling errors. Im am once again truly sick of your shit 😐 And Time, I am sorry the name wi,ll be changed. And I greatly belive I will watch the X-Games and See Time on there. I really do.
    Cookies 🙄


  3. Ok korei clam down. If I’m as smart as I think I am I might be the next Bill Gates, just kidding. I don’t know how I can prove I’m smart but I have proven it many time before with my “indisputable logic”. I don’t need to prove anything to you. I’m just pissed at being one of the only leaders active.

  4. Kong, you need to take it into thought that Time is almost a Pro Skate Boarder. And I really need to talk to you on chat time. VERY VERY Important

  5. I am on chat.

  6. Okay guys, here’s the deal. I am not active. I am so sorry. But I have REAL LIFE huge things coming up… The next couple days, I might get on chat. My computer got hacked, and it crashed. When I turn it on, a blue screen pops up and says, =\ I am commenting from my new iTouch that costs, 199.99 dollars, I saved up my money… Skateboarding contest crawling up my butt. I might get on, k? Tell the Nacho Army Leaders this, show them this post. Well, might be on in the next few days, IDK!

    Someone copy+paste this comment and post it on the homepage

  7. When I turn it on, a blue screen pops up and says, |You have been hacked.|.* Then add itouch thing, then the skateboard stuff, then the nacho stuff.

  8. can the ph and your army have a pb some time if so reply at theph.tk

  9. Having an Itouch is not a problem. But I sympathize with you

  10. inviting is fun but when u uninvite a person to many time its annoying stop uninviting me to stuff im not supposed to be invited to if im not supposed to be there u dont have to say im uninvited

  11. ok sorry i wasent active ill see if i can make it

  12. Is there still a merge?

  13. Are we Still merging?

  14. Sorry for the Double Post.

  15. Yes we are cowboy. Just try to be on chat more often.

  16. Hello RRCP, we are currently going in war with a very small army named Terminators of CP. Since you are our allies, we would like to kindly ask you to help.

    They have been mocking us, and pretending to type in comments with our troop’s names and say that we’re bad. This army is also one of those n00bish armies, they dont schedule invasions or battles, they just assume that we’re on the server 24/7

  17. Oh and the war times are

    When: Thursday, July 30, 2009

    12:00 pm Pacific/ Club Penguin Time

    3:00 pm Central

    4:00 pm Eastern

    idk what it is for Australia…

    Where: Great White at Snow Forts

  18. We arnt your allies you 😐

  19. Yes we are korei

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