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Generation- korei cod 5 online is very addictive so yes it is an excuse

Korei3: Yes, Cookies is complety right. I have personaly put in about 3 days of work into this site. And everyone else. See of you work hard and get people, when we get bigger we wont have to worry. There will be enough. But apprently you people are to stupid to look at a clock and go, “Oh, I have to go to the NW thing!” I was not home so thats my exuse. Not, “I was playing Call of Duty”. THats just pathic. Im am disgusted with all of you. You should all be demoted. Once again thank you Kj, Cookies & Blades

~Mad @ You~


There were like seven comments stating that those seven people were able to make this “Recruiting Drive” scheduled by KJ. When it came down to it there were only three that showed up and then our numbers diminished to a petty head count of two.

I’m serious does anyone actually read the whole post? Or do you just comment blindly stating you can make an event you don’t know the date of? There is a widget named “Next Events(s)” on the right sidebar. Just read the widget, which is updated constantly, and then you will know what is taking place.

I’m requiring everyone that is an NW member to comment on the post stating if you cannot make an event or you will face demotion if it occurs consecutively.

If you comment on the post stating you can make it and later find out you can’t then comment again with your reason for doing so.

This is so simple I didn’t need to make a whole post explaining what to do. But it appears some of you lack that common sense.

A special thanks to:

Blades9: You were there for more than half of it.

Kj: You scheduled this event. I’m sorry NW did not meet your criteria.

If you have reached this far in the post then I commend you for reading all of it.

Comment on this post explaining your absence.

-Live and let live-


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10 Responses

  1. sorry i couldnt show i was playing cod 5 and lost track of time

  2. The City of the town i live came over, and started charging us with building our porch “illegally”. So i we have to put 62 brackets and 40 corner brackets. That’s why i couldn’t make it 😛

  3. Korei walk in and he changes the tempo,
    Korei walks in and the tempo is changed,
    He’s lookin at me like i am a douchebag,
    why are u bringin me down man,
    why are u bringin me down,

    this family guy reference is surprisingly accurate 0____0

  4. damn right its great grammer

  5. I play cod5, Level 13 on Der Riese 🙂

  6. im level 15 no map packs:)

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