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Defense Of Icicle/FW Invading

❗ Make sure to read the post below this edit ❗

Korei3: Wow big post D:

❗ If you make it both events you might be in store for a big promo 😀 ❗

Alighf don’t think we don’t know how you called all of CPUN to help you in our war. Wow you little cheats, We agreed on one ally and you call upon so many. Heck you still lost. Also if you’re reading this Alighf we gave you many days notice. Even ask your leader Spiff and your “king” Ganger. You lost because Ganger and Spiff failed to post. Also about 27 hours before the war, I reminded Ganger again but he still didn’t make the post until he had to tell you on chat. He was basically going to ignore our assault. Next time get your facts straight before you force me to make an edit as long as this one.

FW Invading


Saturday, August 22


Start at Snow Forts, Snow Board


4:00 Eastern

3:00 Central

2:00 Mountain

1:00 Pacific (PST)

Defense Of Icicle


Saturday, August 22


Icicle, All over(Just be on chat for instructions)


To defend Icicle from the invading opponent.


5:00pm EST

4:00pm CST

3:00pm MST

2:00pm PST

Promotions will take place after these events. This will ultimately be the deciding factor.

BE ON CHAT xat.com/nwarmy


-Live and let live-


Vendetta: I apologize now for anything offensive that I said. This post was made yesterday out of anger. Close your eyes and forget…Also now that FW and OR aren’t fighting on the same day, OR will be way bigger than they were in the battle for Snow Board. Ganger will probably call upon all FW troops.

Guess we really pissed them off. They at first basically gave us Slushy back, but I did not want to cancel the already scheduled invasion so I thought to invade another server of theirs, Snow Board (which I’m sure belongs to another army, but the O.R. are too ignorant to be aware of this). Now for doing this they are trying to take all our servers and their starting with Icicle. They are idiots, they believe that they will destroy us by taking all of our servers. Word to the wise my misguided friends, we can so very easily claim more servers.

Ganger is a real spoiled brat. He basically ignores our invasion of Snow Board because the times don’t suit his benefits, then he gets FW to help(Alighf made a post on the FW site therefore forcing them to help). Maybe you should stop crying and accept. Not everything will be to your liking. I mean he’s being a coward. He was choosing not defend from an army that had 15 in their last active count. O.R. had 90. C ‘mon this is getting pathetic.

We had discussed the times on NW chat with Ganger and Spiff. Ganger now lies and says that we did not give him a  24-hours notice. We gave him more that enough time.


– Can you not fight your own battles. I mean it’s okay if you used FW as an ally, but are you going to use them solely to defend your server? This is just sad beyond another level.

– They are treating this way too seriously. Do you really need the whole FW army to squash a medium sized army? Does this pathetic behavior ever cease.Why do you need FW, half of your army already consist mostly of FW troops.

So he admits it. FW does contributes to most of their numbers, like I had previously foretold. An army should be able to stand up and rise on its own. In this case FW is making them appear so big. O.R.’s high ranks are also high ranks in FW. They overly use their influence in FW.

Ganger calls himself “King Gangus”. I have a different version of his name,  “Gangus, The Idiot King”. Who’s more of an idiot, this “king” or the people who follow him?

Ah, but I must give Ganger some credit. He has most certainly spread the reach of his army very far. He is a very high rank in many armies. I’m sure he won’t hesitate to use this against an enemy of his. I commend you for this Ganger *claps maniacally*. Let the games begin.

They call upon the aid of FW; Who do we call upon? Who will assist us in our time of need. We will conjure up a force so mighty it it will shake the very grounds of Club Penguin (over-estimating). Hey there were no given terms and it’s already too late to change them. Right now this is a possible course.

We will not be as cowardly as him. We will answer his attack. We will fight. We will not stand here and let some fool make a mockery of us. We will not cry because the times are not to our liking, no we will fight back as much as possible and make it a great day to remember. We may lose, but we will keep our dignity, Ganger will not.

51 Responses

  1. It may be too early to tell for me but I will make room for it

    • Bad news, I won’t be able to make room for it I will be leaving town on Friday morning and getting back Sunday afternoon. I am really sorry this is the second I will have to miss. 😦

  2. I can make it. I never liked Ganger 😆

  3. Hmm, you look pretty big in the other pics. How about you pc me? I will most likely be on uma chat and fw chat all day every day lol… so pc me NW leaders.


    • Thanks, but we will kindly deny. The leaders would be lower ranks and we’d like to let NW grow a lot more.

  4. can i join this battle

  5. Just one of ur people… hmmm that aint good!

    • Better than all our troops being from FW. We all know you and Ganger have much influence on FW…

  6. Ugh Kong you have no common sense, and too much good cropping 🙄 First of all, you know why we’ll be bigger and it’s not because of me “calling in FW troops”. It’s because I have way more leader abilites. Believe me, only OR will be there.

    • Don’t you mean FW will be there…*haha*…I mean everyone basically agrees that OR consists mostly of FW troops.

  7. May not make it

  8. Im coming to the battle

  9. I’ll be there…

  10. ill be there the WHOLE time because I ow this army a LOT and you guys better not give in to UMA I did not jion this army to become part of UMA I wanted to be a night warrior.

  11. O.O

  12. I still think this army should not merge with UMA

  13. I never said that -.-. And no army owned Snow Board so shut up, 2 armies claimed it and we won, then some hackers claimed it and we were defeated by PS bots.

    PS: You’ll look coward editing this comment

    • God you guys are really pathetic. Fist off we didn’t use bots, your army just isn’t as big as you claim. Without all the FW troops helping you, you lost. Hacker wow. You guys can never admit defeat. Next time don’t call of CPUN you little snakes. Cowards.

  14. i will be to both of them and we are going to dominate ast both of them

  15. Ok, I`m sry, I needed ffun. I really got pissed off when you took our capital, PC me as soon as possible!

    • I really enjoyed SB, sry for complains

      • It was my beloved server, I hope you and your army forgive me… I am not like that, I always accept defeat, but Snow Board was hard to keep… We don`t need your servers, we are taking action, anyways, after this ends we could return the servers to each other andbe allies, don`t you think so?

  16. Sure. Let this end. Quite frankly I’m quite tired of having to keep commenting on sites trying to explain myself….

  17. um hey guys just giveing you a little heads up um I just checked FW blog and they said that they RESCEGUALD there attack in ya know… 3 minutes!

    • I doubt it. There’s nothing there about rescheduling unless you’re referring to their battle with DW…

      • but dont we share slushey with the dark warriors and if they take over slushey I dont think that they will be willing to share with us!

  18. sorry if im rude but im gonna kick gangers sorry little butt!!!!!!!!!

  19. if that’s OK with u guys 🙂

  20. oh never mind hehe sorry 😦

  21. :p

  22. um ok

  23. oh and wat i meant was im gonna kick OR’s butt at the battle

  24. but are they going to attack us

    • I’m not quite sure at this moment so be prepared for anything…

  25. hey um kong wat do i do if i get hacked

    • First of try to recover the hacked item in question by maybe getting the password through your email. After you’ve done that change the password again to something less “hackable”. If you cannot do this then try to recover as much as you can and just wait and see….I’m not really an expert at these sort of things….

    • how do you know you were hacked?

  26. um I just looked at the FW site and I saw there ranks page well… they have a pritty big army and were not realy considerd the bigest army in the world ethier

    • Ah, don’t think you’re the first person to have thought of that. You see right now FW is have some political issues. This is ultimately causing people to quit and so on. Also notice their chat is as full as it used to be. This is exactly what we need. They are weakened…

  27. wow my first battle in the night warriors I cant wait

  28. well thats good for a second there I thought the invasion was yesterday

  29. i know ive been hacked because when i tried to log in it said this penguin does not exsist

  30. but i got it back so now i need to found out who hacked me

  31. hey guys

  32. now lets defend icicle

  33. is anyone here

  34. sorry I was late long story

  35. WE WON…wright

    • Yes, but of course they are claiming victory as well…

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