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Empty Threats

Korei3: What about the Nerds of Clubpenguin 😐 There more noobish than us. I dont understand that Trick 🙄

Vendetta: Trickster has claimed this was all a joke. I kept this post on because I thought it was funny. Bring it on O_O…On second thought, don’t.

Let’s see where do I begin. Right now I type with anger and annoyance. Trickster left a comment on the new post asking for an audience with a leader of the NW. All was good so far…

He asked me a question, after complimenting our army for our performance against O.R. I knew this question was coming when I first clicked “Sign-In” on the UMA chat. “Does NW want to merge into the UMA”, Trickster asked so very politely. I of course kindly rejected for obvious reasons that I will not say in this post. His manner of speaking was normal but when he heard me say “no” he soon changed his tone.

He first warned me of a future assault from IW and FW. He said they were plotting to destroy us. Me being a critic I laughed at him. “Why would IW and FW both want to destroy us” I asked and I was accompanied by an answer so idiotic that I laughed at him again:

Okay he obviously didn’t understand why this whole war was waged; He must be really slow. Next time check our site and you will know, but being the nice guy I will tell you right now. Basically you call us “n00bs”, but we were simply taking back a server which O.R. had so recklessly claimed. Doesn’t that make them “n00bs” themselves you moron. Here’s the reason why they will attack us:

Here the great Trickster tells us how he’s going to summon up this great force that will finally rid this world we call “Club Penguin” of the evil NW.*haha*:

More of Trickster boasting how he has so many “connections”:

Here he tells us all the armies that he can summon to “destroy” us and I accompany him with an answer that is not to his liking:

Okay here is the sole reason why I don’t believe all of this BS:

Basically, why would all these major armies bother themselves with a medium-sized army. If we’re so nooby then why us? Nachos, ACP , IW, etc…Why would they ally themselves just for an army with 15 active in their last active count. One would be enough thank you.

3 Responses

  1. wow first off WE ARE THE DAMN NACHOS (XD) fw isnt made up of nachos NW is made up of nachos LOYAL NACHOS AT THAT

  2. trick must be high

  3. if u need help CPL will help if w can 100+ troops 65 active

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