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Sweet Victory

Wow I’m amazed we won. With sheer numbers we defeated them. With superior tactics we won. You decide for yourself. I’m sure they’ll say they won, but we beat OR. They are not as strong when there is an event scheduled at the same time as FW. They rely on FW so much that it was their un-doing. We claim victory.



Cowboysfan13: One More Awsome Pic =D

Epic Nw Ownage!

Epic Nw Ownage!




14 Responses

  1. See you at the Icicle Invasion. You are so lucky OR didn’t have atleast 15. They didn’t have there golden age leader 😉

  2. aww i missed the war

  3. Sorry I got pissed off for defeat, my lap was being slow and that makes me mad :P! Anyways, this was not very planned tho, you told us the night before the invasion, we will see what happens this Thursday ;)!

    • Alighf we told you days before the invasion. We told Spiff and Ganger even ask them. Oh and your invasion is Saturday not Thursday…

      • Kongy :)…. Isn’t the color name just avaible in Penguin Storm? Ahah…. seems you cheated… We will own all of your little stinky servers… And we will get back Snow Board too…:D

      • Yes and you used our pictures so I wouldn’t be talking you moron.

      • I am a complete moron. You are right Kong. I’m sorry…

      • Hah you are so idiot you edit my comment, do not be coward

        The only reason I edited it was because it contained inappropriate language…Please watch what you say or do…

      • Inappropiate what you post on our site

      • Do we cuss at you on our site? Nope so please be quiet…

      • You better shut up, you aint helping ur army

      • How so? You keep complaining and making excuses like the idiot you are.

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