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Pure Ownage.

Vendetta: This makes sense. I go to their site and see their pictures and we’re not even in them. They took their pictures after we had left, I suspect. This is clearly some form of trickier. After a while it gets boring having to battle for a whole hour. I mean if battles lasted until one person quit then noob armies would be claiming victory all the time. And Tomb we called BP to assist us against FW, but then I found out that they weren’t invading. We weren’t going to use it against OR, just so their are not any confusion…

Hey there. Well today NW pwned against OR in an epic battle.

Credit to OR for giving us a challenge. But its still not enough.

Anyways, First off, I would like to say  didn’t know Vendetta had said to make it a no allies war, but thats getting ahead of myself.

So when I came on CP chat we were at icicle town. When I got there there was about 4-5 OR.  an we had 6 -7.

And Here are teh pics from when were at town to dock:

WordPress is somehow is not letting me upload pics from pc but I uploaded them to Photobucket

1st pic

2nd pic

3rd pic

4th pic

5th pic

6th pic

7th pic

8th pic

9th pic

10th pic

11th pic

12th pic

Now, a bit after pic number 12 we began to lose people. And unfortunately, OR gained people. But, all these pics were like 30 minutes into the battle, so for half an hour we were pwning. Hmm thats reasonable. And these OR retards get an advantage for 10 minutes and they think they win. so when i saw that everyone on NW was getting bored after like an hour, I go on OR chat and ask Ganger if he wanted a Tie, to end it already. And he sais no that “They won’t stop till they bllahh” I cant remember but it was something like that. 😆 So we keep on. Until I finally said to myself, “Screw this.” So we logged off. Keep in mind AFTER AN HOUR. So for the words I have to say on our battle today….



PS: OR does NOT own icicle no matter what they say.

PSS: If they bring up we had allies, its because I thought BP was supposed to help us, (which they didn’t BP is now a neutral ally) But Apprently Vendetta and OR made a deal of No allies. Again i did not know.




9 Responses

  1. 🙄 your pics are just like ours. Looks like armies only take pics when there winnig or when they are at there strongest.All armies tend to do it now for some reason.

    • Your pictures are only taken when you are at YOUR strongest. They are biased…we were so beating you….

  2. ok im convinsed we OWNED OR

  3. Thanks cowboysfan13! I enjoyed fighting with you. Although, I was mad because there wasn’t a picture of me and I was there for 30 minutes. I also enjoyed fighting with Vick44. We also had 5 people join us while we were fighting if you didn’t know. Anyways, it was a job well done!
    Sergeant Nicky0014
    A Proud Night Warriors Sergeant!

  4. i was there today at invasion.

  5. i made it it was awesome kicking there butt

  6. i was there just incase you did not know

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