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Active Count!

❗ Read the post below ❗

Korei3: Wow, I guess since a lot of people went back too school the views went down alot, from about 500 to 200 😮

Hey guys, I want to see how big we are so I am doing this active count.

Here’s how you are going to do it:



Active or not?:

…or you can do something like this:

I am Tomb147, I am active, I am on chat everyday, attend all the battles, and I am a Leader.

The words in red will be the ones you’ll insert your info.


Also, If you lie by stating you ARE on chat everyday and YOU DO attend all the battles, You will be demoted/fired. I know who is active and who is not.



26 Responses

  1. Im Vick44 I am on chat about 5-6 times a week I atend as many battles as I can and im a lutenite

  2. I am Tomb147, I am active and I am on chat everyday, attend all the battles, and I am a Leader.

  3. Korei3
    Im active 😆

  4. Rank: Leader
    Name; Vendetta
    Active or not?: Active

  5. Rank: Officer

    Name: Nicky0014

    Active or not: I am active.
    Officer Nicky0014

  6. Spongie555

  7. Xhuntercorey
    Uhh Some mod rank(SRy) Erm not xat
    Depends cuz im busy with a lot of other things

  8. Rank: Commander

    Name: Timmy178 (Wonga34)

    Active or not?: Yes i just started so yeah

  9. Rank: soldier
    Name: watty78
    Active or not:active
    but i havn’t done a battle yet 😦

  10. You won’t believe it! Kj is back in zee building! Now, I don’t know my rank but I’ll take whatever.

    Name: Kj Bulldogs1
    Active: Just rejoined 😀

  11. my name is ShayminKing and i may not be on chat everyday but im on this site every single day and i come to most of the battles Ive only missed one battle

  12. waddle5897

  13. rank: major general
    name:77 hockey
    active or not active: i am kinda active but i wont be active til saturday cuz i have camp

  14. Rank:Leader


    Active or not?:Yes

  15. Rank: Ambassador
    Name: Time689
    Active or Not Active: Active! 😮

  16. rank: major
    name: dustskull

  17. Rank: Lieutenant:
    Name: Kenni Tram

  18. since there isn’t a quit page anymore i guess i have to do this here:

    I quit! the stress and B.S. i receive on a daily basis is unbearable i cant take it anymore. the reason i don’t make this a post is because i doubt anyone would take the time to read and comment on it. it doesn’t really matter who i elect to be my undertaker because korei will replace me so also cookies and waddles if u want to find out how you really be came a leader pc me on nacho xat

    well i guess this is the final goodbye
    “and when he go’s to heaven to st. peter he’ll tell one more soldier reporting sir,I’ve served my time in hell”
    idk i say random crap okay. well GOOD-BYE

    • Wow, very faulty excuses. Get real. You do nothing, and what stress are you referring too…BS? Me and korei rarely talk to you…Make a post, I have encouraged you to do so.
      Fine quit. You were a lazy Co-Leader….

      • u know cookies i dont need u to list of a bunch of reasons about wats wrong with my retirement comment

  19. Frostbite375



  20. Rank:Officer

    Name: Sparky2965

    Active or not?:Yes,I am active ang to to all events.

  21. Spiff

    brigader General

    Since war is over.Im active!

  22. Rank: Head General

    Name: Polli0 (aka Kingblackeye)

    Active or not?: Yep 😉

  23. I am Aberacer I am on chat abot once a day and i am a general.

  24. Greenarms Head General Active

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