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A Tie?/Server Agreement/New Ranks

Korei3: UH HELLO!!! IT AS A PRACITCE BATTLE!!!!!!!! COOKIES DONT CALL THEM NOOBS!!! 🙄 It dosnt matter who won or lost, its just for experience 🙄 I hope you see where im coming from.

Vendetta: Hey, go to the OR site. The idiots think they won. I mean seriously are you a bunch of noobs? I’m sick of explaining this. You may have had the numbers, but we had better tactics. Also refrain from copying ACP, idiots. They also put themselves on the “Top Ten” and took us off it. If anyone deserves to be in the “Top Ten” it’s NW not a group of idiots. We had an agreement and you broke. Were’t you guys preaching that PS was hacking and that nonsense and now you’re saying it’s okay?

Cowboysfan13: Wow…Even though i didn’t make it, it looks like we did still a great job 😆

Tombs edit: Good job NW on your excellent work today. as Vendetta said, they may have outnumbered us, BUT we had Superior tactics. Also, Vendetta and I were talking about scheduling a war or pb with an army in the “top 10” list. We were thinking MAYBE IMAF, or if they’re to big, RPF. Comment on who you think we should face. Also, a little message to Korei, next time you schedule something, AT LEAST go to the chat and say you can’t make it. You know, if it wasn’t for you scheduling this, we could be already facing an army in the “top 10”. But nooooo you had to be buddy-buds with OR and schedule it. So just please go to what you make.
A note to Alighf: Alighf first off I’m a guy not a girl. Secondly it’s spelled “immature” not “inmature” of course you can change it later and say you spelled it correctly being the idiot you are. If you do happen to win Snow Board with these unfair terms note it will only re-kindle our loathing of you

Where to begin…Wow OR you really did good. As the saying goes, you gave us a run for our money. You know your leaders really pissed us off, but I’ll tell you why in the end. Let’s just say they are a bunch of prideful, egotistic, narcissistic, hypocrites. Stop acting like little infants…

OR is in the Snow Forts while here we practice our lines and such.

The same as above

Since OR were being quite immature, we had to come to them. Therefore giving them a sort of advantage. But we are still considerable bigger and they are the ones distorted…

Here we try our war faces while doing our line, and OR are still confused. Who’s leading anyways? They sure need to work on their leadership skills.

We finally decide to charge them, while in their confusion.

Our lines are basically the same, while they may have a few more. Yes I’m admitting this unlike you egotistic, sore losers

They charge us. Notice a charge usually distorts a line already established but OR epically fails, while our line stands strong and firm.

They make another line, what a surprise.

They fail to make a line an are a jumbled mess. Someone really sucks at leading.

They seem not to do anything. They lack adequate tactics.

My Analysis:

While OR most of the time outnumbered NW, NW had superior tactics. OR was totally confused, they didn’t have a clue. Number are not the only thing that win battles, tactics are also a deciding factor. Don’t confuse yourself. Again, those who say OR won are complete moronic noobs. Look here, tactics are a huge factor if it weren’t for this you would have clearly won.

If it weren’t for us leaders agreeing it was a tie I would be preaching victory. The whole time we were dominating with our tactics. OR was only dominating SOMETIMES. In some of the pictures we were clearly bigger. It was like sort of an “on and off” thing. We were winning for a while then they were winning, ect.

Okay, for those who are going to comment saying spiteful things and cussing at the same time, will personally get IP banned by me. Meaning you will never be able to comment on our site again. Go it? Plus it will only further my belief that OR soldiers are complete noobs.

Now to get to the source of my anger. OR never can admit defeat. They made stupid excuses saying we were using bots and that nonsense. You guys are total hypocrite. Alighf showed me a picture that one of you OR scums took. And guess what? They were taken from a Penguin Storm screen. When I went to their chat they were calling us cheaters and they do this? What the hell is that about?





As a sort of Peace Treaty, to prevent any further senseless fighting, we O.R. leaders do relinquish two of our American servers(namely Caribou and Ice Bound). In return N.W. and their leaders will continue to share the server Snow Board and strengthen our alliance towards each other. Peace is the end resolve of this transaction.

Note: This was decided by Alighf and not only Vendetta

Please Leaders of both armies sign your name:





The Active Count is over and we have 22 active. Good job Night Warriors.

Need To Get Ranked?

(Applies only if you haven’t commented on the Join Page)

1.) First leave a comment on the Join Page. Answer all the questions.
2.) Give us a time span of 24-hours before checking for your rank.
3.) Be active by going to events and chatting with fellow Night Warriors

Dark Legion: Purple [27]

Night Hawks: Blue [27]

Leader: Korei3, Vendetta , Tomb147, Cowboysfan13

Co-Leader: Waddle5897

Ambassador: KjBulldogs1

______Owner Line______


Grand General:

Head General: Polli0 (aka: Kingblackeye), Greenarms

Major General: 77hockey, Frostbite375

Brigadier General:

General: Xhuntercorey,  Aberacer, Timmy178(Wonga34),

______Mod Line______

Commander: Spiff313,

Major: Dustskull, Spongie555, Vick44

Lieutenant: Kaotix13, Kenni Tram, Shaymin King, Sparky2965,

Officer: Nicky0014



Those who didn’t comment have to rejoin

Troops: 22

Active: 22

NW Lead Designers: Tomb147


16 Responses

  1. x____Alighf

    Im sry, I thought it 3rd and Im cancelling the war, sry Mr Kong 😛 lol

  2. And Im sry, I`ll make new rules in OR -.-

  3. There really isnt much tactics involved really.You basiclly just stand there throwing snowballs!You only fight till eitheir one side gets bored and leaves or they only have 2 people and you have 10.Omg cp armies are pointless now adays.Also.I dont think tactics really matter.Cause it doesnt really change anything.If you think takeing a new spot in the room or running matters.That yeah, tactics matter.otherwise they are pretty pointless.Dont you think so?

    Tomb: Let me ask you something. Do you like to do something specific like sports, games etc.? Well think of it this way, the think you like to do, is like the thing we like except its cp warfare. So please don’t post anymore negative comments.

  4. also sadly, I was eletced to be a 3ic. 😦 Which ios probs why you say all the LEADERS are hypo-somthing…

    • Notice that Ganger was elected to be 2ic and he was re-made a leader? Don’t you find that a bit unfair? Why should he get another chance, you deserve leadership just as much

  5. Kong me and Ali did almost everything..
    Ali knew I deserve it.

  6. i was there just so there was no confusion

  7. oh ya thanxs for the promo

  8. I couldn’t make it. Sorry. I was at a party.

  9. And we don’t used tactics due we wanted 3 tests, but thanks for the tip!

  10. well that wasnt a negative comment.im right.Cause its true.Cept for joke bombing..That is a tactic.

  11. i was a little late but i still made it

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