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Recognition (POLL CLOSED)

Vendetta: Wow, look at this. Alighf gave us Ice Bound, Caribou, and Snowboard all to ourselves. As they say “no takesies backsies”

Cowboysfan13:Wow….even i’m not sure what to say about that…..

Vendetta: Good news!!! Caribou, Ice Bound, and Snow Board are all ours. Alighf was being a moron, as usual, and he gave them all to us. “NW peace agreement breaked”, doesn’t make sense Alighf, you idiot. It’s more like “NW Peace Agreement BROKEN“.

Korei3: I am starting to feal better, Im getting over the Flu. Thank you Tomb for that Calander 😀 It looks great! ST would be the best choice I think because their leader is kinda a noob. There tactics suck. IMAF is bigger and better (I think).

After constantly succeeding and coming out victorious in the battles thus far, we have decided we need to get noticed which will further our growth.

We have evaluated and think we could possibly beat an army in the “Top Ten” and hopefully take their position in the rankings. It is as they say a “win win” situation. If we lose we still get some metaphoric light shined in our direction, and if we win even better.

We will leave it into the hands of our troops to decide, being part Democratic and all.

I will explain why I chose the armies listed above:

Shadow Troops

They are quite big, but with their current political issues, regarding leadership and such, they should be weakened, maybe enough to guarantee a victory. Make no mistake, they are big. And being an army of black might complicate things. They haven’t had a battle in a while so this will be good for both of us. Nothing personal, really.


In my opinion I don’t think they deserve to be in the “Top Ten” anymore. They do poorly in battles, and they should be easy to handle. People keep placing them on there for some reason and that needs to stop. Their time is over no matter how hard they want to believe otherwise. I can just imagine their response to a declaration of war O_O


They are on our allies list, but I don’t honestly know what they have done to deserve our alliance. Seriously, they haven’t added us to their allies list. Shows how much they care… Again nothing personal the other armies in the “Top Ten” were either too big (lol), or actual allies. IMAF is the ideal choice.

Poll will end in a couple of days.




15 Responses

  1. I realy think were moving to fast we should go for a few more meduim armys before a army on the top ten list but if we have to I would go with IMAF like you said there the ideal choose is it just me or do they not realy do anything

  2. xD

  3. ST because they are just as big as us and they haven’t have a battle in a while

  4. alright alright

  5. ya but um I was looking at theese army’s rank page and there just a LITTLE bigger than ours

    • That doesn’t mean anything. They could have less active than us….

  6. We should have war againist the Shadow Troops.
    Officer Nicky0014

  7. wow now we git like what 4 servers

  8. Kong, The Cheese Army is actually pretty strong. And..well active..

  9. Well we may be allies after all!

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