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We Made The Cut

Cowboysfan13: It looks like BP also ranks us at Top Ten http://blackpantherscp.wordpress.com/2009/09/04/boring-army-news/#comments

Taken from IW (Ice Warriors) iwarmy.com

Top 10 Armies

This list is based on size only!



3.Ice Warriors








OR: OR doesn’t deserve #8. They clearly used bots in the battle we had. Heck, we even have a soldier from their army admitting that a person by the name of “chris” something used bots. So yeah…But thanks for the servers Alighf, much appreciated. They still don’t realize Icicle is an ACP server. How nooby can you get…

ST: Reds are bigger than ST. ST hasn’t really had any war, battles, etc. in a while so their size is not determinable. But hey, they are having a war with RPF and NW (us). So we will see.

Reds: The constant relocation of site after site has really taken it’s tole. The pictures taken from their raids on Nacho servers shows that they have decresed in numbers. They are still worthy of a high ranking; I’m just voicing my opinion.

RPF: Why are they on there again :\?





8 Responses

  1. Umm we did not used bots, but anyways, end of this fight!

    • You seriously have to fix your grammar and spelling :\ Makes you look like more of an idiot than you actually are.

      • Please shut up, I didn’t call you idiot or did I?

      • Yeah, you did. But you basically mimic what I say. Like I called you immature and then you call me immature. I call you an idiot you call me an idiot.

  2. this is awsome I realy think this sarmy is improving

    • We still need to solve the chat issue. Apparently people don’t go on chat, and because of this the chat is empty like 90% of the time :\

  3. your both idiots.

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