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When Enemies Unite (CANCELED)

CPL canceled it. They want to be allies., and I said “no”. We would have squashed them like the insects they are. Anyways now we can focus on ST.

Orange Rebels are classified as enemies on the Empire Page. Yes, I know what the title says, I’ll explain right now.

Basically a noob army by the name of CPL (Club Penguin Lightning) are invading our server Snow Board. They think just because they’re big they’re not a bunch of noobs? No, you’re sadly mistaken my misguided freinds. Just because so many small armies (which were also full of noobs) merged into you doesn’t exclude you from being  noobs. Merging is just the easy path to growing, soon you will deteriote in size and we will be the ones laughing.

So, this is where Orange Rebels play their part. They claimed Snow Board just as we have. I thought it would be funny if the noobs of CPL saw  an army constisting of Black and Orange. Maybe it might make them wet their virtual pants (that is if they’re wearing anyO_O). We are uniting under a common cause. We’re not using Orange Rebels as allies (so please understand this before you comment saying, “ju used allyses!!!11!”). We are merely defending a server. We will have our own lines and they will have theirs, but if we happen to form the same line in the same location at the same time then that’s just a coincedence *think* We honestly don’t need Orange Rebels, CPL is probably all talk, but it would amuse me more so let’s go with that.


Sunday, September 6


Snowboard, Snow Forts


Show them they’re noobs (That won’t be too hard)


4:00 EST

3:00 CST

2:00 MST

1:00 PST








6 Responses

  1. lol “Show them they’re noobs” 😛

  2. i need the uk time

  3. il be there lets show thoose noobs what a real army looks like

  4. I can make it

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