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What now?

Well apparently, ST chickened out and decided that they didn’t want to fight us. :\ So I guess that was fun.. But, I was thinking. According to ganger we are #10 on the army list. But I beg to differ. First off, there are other armies that are bigger than and are not even on that list. And just to prove how big we are, I am going to schedule something with BTCP. BTCP is a medium-major army. They are big, I have seen there videos and I am impressed. they manage to get 6+ soldiers no matter what. So thats why Im deciding this.

Also, since ST chickened out, After we defeat BTCP and are better in our tactics, I hope we can either declare war on IMAF or RPF. Now, these armies are both in the top 10. So, if we lose, hey it was worth a shot. BUT, if we win we would probably get like #8 or 7 on the list. So that is also a potential goal.

But my fellow NW I have to say, after we do all this what then? we declare war on other armies? Well, you comment on what you think. Should we go claim breeze…. Call out BP, or just plain chillax until one of us has a stroke (O_O)

“Live free or don’t at all”

-Tomb147 NW leader

10 Responses

  1. Tomb,
    We did managed to get a few people to join. Although I was pissed because I went 2 night and didn’t get a promo. Anyways, we need to scheldulea battle with a newbie army to build some more rep.
    2 night,
    we manged a few people to join. Although we located Shadow troops the dock on Hibernate. We also claimed Hibernate 2 night. We should use that as a recruiting/traing server nd have patrols on it everyday or so.
    Officer Nicky0014

    • I disagree I think we should chilax for a little bit after we help UMA. Now I know ACP did that and look what happend, but I thin kwe have unough servers and I dont think we will need much more for a wile

  2. mmmmmmmm stroke

  3. I think we should get involved in that WW the Nachos were talking about. That would get us more known and be fun. Maybe get some troops too.

  4. I just went on CPA central and they had RPf on the top 10… WTF! i thought every one ceeps saying how they ceep falling but there still on the list I say we invade them and get on the top ten list and even if we dont it will nock them off

  5. change of plans RPF will be there and if we win that might make them fall in the rankings so ill def. be there

  6. Your RSS feed is only working half the time, i’m on a imac running shrook if that helps

  7. I just got back from a war with ACP. we won of course.

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