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Koreis practice battle=CANCELED.

Korei3: Ok Tomb, Can we please let all of this go behind us and move on. We have a great thing going here, I dont want it too fall because of this. So this is meh truths. Tomb be a man and accept.

Congrats Korei! Out of alll the days you FINALLY decide to schedule something, it has to be on one of the United States of America most important days. September 11th. And as you all know, this was the day terrorists attacked the US and killed Thousands of people. Due to this fact, I am canceling Koreis practice battle and am proclaiming September 11th to be a “do nothing and reflect” day. So sorry korei, but you tried to cover your tracks by scheduling something, but you screwed that up as well :\

“Live free or don’t at all”


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4 Responses

  1. I might merge into you guys but I am considering others

  2. alright guys now come on lets not start getting into a big fight and cause the army to split in two

  3. Wow Tomb. We got bombed and thousands of people died. I dont uderstand why we celebrate this dayTomb: Korei you idiot. 🙄 Its a day we should try not too remember Dont replay this comment with a answer, I really dont want or need one. And Cookies & Tomb, UPDATE THE WIDGETS! Thank you, that is all :p

    ahhh silly korei. Do you not understand that 9/11 is not a day to celebrate. It is to remember. If you cannot take this go back to china. As President George W. Bush said, “As we stand in the face of all this evil, our nation stands strong.”

  4. remember what I said ealrlyer and bye the the way where has Vendetta bin

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