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Welcome Gwami & Woton to NW. Read there “Hi” posts below.

Korei3: I am shedualing a recruiting session soon, so be ready. Btw READ THIS POST!

Add all members of this army to your friends list. It will make things easier, trust me  ~Korei3

Let’s see…I’m not going to be here for a while and I want to explain my absense so I don’t get into an sort of trouble. I will also try to help by pointing out major flaws in our armies that I want fixed upon my return. As I speak I am on paid computer time. Don’t want divuldge to much. I have already told korei so ask him. Now let’s begin. Oh, and fogive the gramaticalerrors. I’m rushed for time.



Okay, what the hell is wrong with our chat that makes you not want to go on? Our chat is dead like 99% of the time. With out chat hindered at that level I doubt anyone will take us seriously. BTCP’s chat is thriving and ours is just simply pathetic. This is a major issue. Anything can happen at a momments notice. It isn’t that hard to go on our chat for at least 2 hours a day. Am I asking for so much?


There seem to be a very distinguishable trend here. Not very hard to spot. When a leader is on there seems to more people. Like when visiting popular army chats like the Nacho’s people are on because there is a leader there. Now the leader isn’t the only think keeping them on. The conversation is just as important. I’ve heard people leave because it was “boring”. Interesting conversation is very hard to come by, but I’m only asking that you try.



I was theone that posted most of the time. Now with me gone there might be a sligh drop in posts. I’m asking for the leaders or anyone of owner rank to make a post at least once every 2 days. C’mon this isn’t very hard.  All owners ranks are able to press the botton of the top of the screen that says “New Post”. Unless you’re are hindered from this ability then I feel sorry for you, but this is not the case.


Simple really, but people are just plain stupid. Posting isn’t very hard. It can range from scheduling an event to voicing your opinion on a matter. I only ask that when you do, korei doesn’t delete the said post. Please korei incourage posting. But also the person making the post must watch his grammar and make sure it is relevent. Make sure it isn’t mindless rambling or else I will discourage it. Also make sure that your post are longer tha on paragraph like I usually make mine *smirk*

Recruiting Sessions


We cannot rely on other armies to supple our recruits. This cannot continue. You see they will remain more loyal to their primary army than to us. We have to schedule more, but not over-due it. *Cough* Korei Cough* Just kidding, but don’t over-due it.


Schedule more recruiting sessions. More events as well. We need more people and cannot rely on the current ones forever. Seriously, try to do this before you challenge someone stronger than ourselves to war or something of that nature. Just keep this in mind. Make sure to distinguisht the terms that cannot be said. Makes it easier to recruit and you’re not babling to yourself like an idiot.

Well there might be more pressing issues at hand but I’m being rushed and I can’t think striaght. Maybe if the leaders can add to this or just revise it for me…



The troops like promotions, that’s an understatement. With more promotion the troops become more active. With few they soon become inactive. Try to even it out. Do not forgot, just because you’re a leader and you don’t get promotions doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have any.


Promote more often. It’s been a month already so I’m expecting one soon. Try to follow the format I created, or just innovate from there. Again this is a way to increase activity and to “re-glue” our soldiers.



Don’t just merge into any small army. Be smart and choose wisely. But do not judhe solely on size. Evaulute their size and the way they post. It will tell you how well informed they are. If their posts are filled with many grammatical errors and are very short then just don’t merge.


Merge wisely. We don’t need noobs given high ranks. Don’t judge their size only.

Untill Next Time


2 Responses

  1. wow for some one who was rushed you post alot, abd hey when ever i go on chat no one is on

  2. hey I just thought of a idea maybe not a very good one but a idea what if we made a symble for every reanking again this is just an idea

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