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Teh Sexeh New 2ic!

Hey! I’m Woton and I’m your new second in command of the NW! You probably know who I am; I was the leader of the Fire Warriors and am now the 2ic of the Nachos and SWAT, I used to own a really famous Club Penguin cheats site and I own CPA Central.

Anyway, I’m really big on priorities. I’ve had a lot of requests from n00b armies in the past to be a leader/owner rank in their army, but I never really was able to work on them since I was so busy. Obviously, NW is NOT at all a n00b army and my point is that I’m not quite as busy as I was before. I’m a pretty busy person, but I guarantee I will find time for the NW.

My theory about the NW: Lately, a lot of major armies have been falling, I’m sure you’ve noticed. However, usually during times of major fall, large/medium armies like the NW can rise a bunch. That’s pretty much what happened with me in the Fire Warriors. I definitely think that can happen to the NW.

Things we can do to make sure we rise:

  • Be active on chat so that we can hold unscheduled events. This is really a big key to becoming major. If you come online, go to the NW chat. We obviously aren’t going to have a lot of people on the chat all the time, but when we do – have a recruiting session! My opinion about recruiting sessions is that they’re fairly pointless to schedule. All of the best recruiting sessions that I’ve seen medium sized armies do have been unscheduled. Just go to a busy server, stand in the town, group together and dance! Once there are 5 or so people there it’ll really take off. One time I started a recruiting session for the old RFW with about 5 people and in about 15 minutes we had 30. 😯 We need to make sure to post the pictures on our site later so that people see how big we are!
  • Holding lots of practice battles. Training and recruiting sessions are fairly pointless to schedule if you want my opinion. Practice Battles are what make an army grow. What we need to do is challenge some of the armies on the end of the Top 10 list to a practice battle and beat (or at least tie) with them. That is an insanely good way to rise and stay active. I want us to try to have at least one practice battle with another army each week!
  • Taking part in major wars. This is pretty much how a lot of armies got onto the Top 10 list. When a bunch of major armies start fighting with each other, we need to pick the stronger side and help them win. We need to really help them and, chances are, we’ll benefit a lot from it.
  • Having a good merge or two. Nowadays merges are something that really help armies. I’m not saying we absolutely should merge, but if a really good opportunity comes, we should take it.
  • Getting recognized. Once we’re on a roll, we need to start a hype about the NW. Already, we’ve become fairly well known, but we need to try to get larger armies to get our RSS feed on their site and to help promote us. All we need to do is get on the Top 10 list and from there we’ll really start to rise.
  • Being a fun army. I can’t tell you how important this is. There are a lot of ways to be fun, but mostly it just includes doing random things, like this:

Anywayz, enough with teh seriousness stuff. 🙄 Here’s what you REALLY need to know about meh:

– Meh likez talkin likez dis. Lawlz.

– I love YouTube and Rap Music. Preferable Rap Music on YouTube. 😐

– I LOVE bagelz and Pepsi.

maibagel.png Mai Bagel picture by Cpwoton

I look forward to serving for the NW! BTW, if you want a bagel just ask meh!



5 Responses

  1. wow you sure have alot of experans oh ya and congrates!

    P.S. what do you mean getting a bagel

  2. Welcome Woton.

  3. Wioah you guys are rising. Feel happeh for ye. And since O.R is falling, Id like meh old rank back plez! 🙂

    Seriuosly.Coff deleted our site.

  4. i will see if i can make it cuz my dad is a slepy by tha way i get to boss other people around if thay have a low rank i amliljonah that is my club peuguin name

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