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Open Leader Spot

Vendetta: Hello there. Korei bad idea with the election considering the majority of the present owners ranks are new. Can you please stop giving these people high ranks and try to be a bit more democratic (rhetorical question)? And Pwn I see your comment and no is my answer. We had an active count and you failed to comment, but I’ll think about it (being the kind-hearted individual I am *haha*). Also try to have a scheduled event, but take into consideration all time zones and the fact that many have school. We’re going into a slump. C’mon pick up the pace, we’re falling behind.

Gwami, to the extent of my knowledge you have no army experience, but that’s just me. Some people look for popular canidates *cough* Korei *cough*, but I look for people that are capable. I won’t take the rank from you, but can you be a bit more active or else I’ll be forced to. There I have provided you with incentive.

Woton the same applies to you. Be more active…or else *haha*

Gwami: I would love to be the new leader, if you wouldn’t mind.

Yes. I have “demoted” one of my fellow Leaders. But dont get mad at me. Coyboysfan1 said “I resign to Co-Leader.” So his wish will be granted. If you dont belive me *cough Cookies *cough 😆


27 Responses

  1. i want to be co leader i have the biggest army in the world with 6,619 people go to my site and check http://www.chamkor.wordpress.com and then go to rank page make me co leader

  2. who are you promoting to be a leader

  3. I will be hosting a poll soon for the Leader spot. It will include: Woton, Gwami & Kj. Good luck to all of you. This will take place after a few weeks. Becasue you have only been here for a few days. And remember, POST POST POST!!!!

  4. cool

  5. WTF ive been in sombreros/rrcp/nw science it was created and gwami has been in it for a week and he leader just like that… WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?????????????????

  6. oops i didnt read the comment above that one >.<

  7. I can not permit Gami and Woton the rank of leader. Do not push me Korei. I have permitted them the ranks you gave them, now I must stand against this decision…Hopefully I van go on this Saturday, then we can have a discussion.

  8. Hey im Leboto IMAF leader xD,Nice army

  9. I wanna be leader =D lol

  10. Uh, Kong.
    1.) It will be a vote & we should have another Leader.
    2.) This will not be soon. After a while so it will be clear who will be able to be one the poll.

    • um no Korie I disagre if you look at the canadets you will see tha the yhave not bin in the army for that long

    • That’s not what I meant. I meant I will not allow them that rank. Not through elections or any other way. They are new and it would be most unfair and unwise. Let me explain. You see, since they are new, we are not fully aware of their competancr. Give it time. You problem is you rush into things. A leader spot is too high a rank to give of “new-comers”. Let us see what they can offer before we place them in this election. Time will tell the tale. No disrespect to anyone. Again I will be here either tomorrow or Sunday. 5 pm around.

  11. korei can i run for leader of nw.it is not fair for gwami to get a leader rank when he just joined a couple of days ago.it is not fair that we have been here longer then them and we have to be in nw like for 1 year to get leder rank.like wtf

  12. Well, I’m back from my break!
    P.S. Plz put me on site!

  13. um well ive been here for like 2 weeks and im very active here


  15. I had a great idea since were not doing much why dont we jion world war 5!

    • Great idea. Korei doesn’t seem to be doing much. And the non-elected Woton and Gwami are also the same. Is it too much to ask for someone to check the comments?

  16. Lawlz i lieke piie

  17. Put me in leader poll too.

  18. Lawlz. I’ll be more active, I promise. However, I do think that there are more deserving people than me and Gwami.

  19. Gwami is flappy you know that right?

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