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Theme Song

Shoot to Thrill- AC/DC is offical Nw Theme Song

~Thanks for Voting~


21 Responses

  1. Korei is right, let’s get along

  2. what’s the point of a theme song.

  3. het vendetta remember that post you wrote a few weeks ago about the problems with this armie, well heres one you forgot to post… comments. Yes comments did you guys no that the last post tomb wrote we only had 5 differant people write a comment and three of them were leaders. That is a big sign that no ones reading the posts. The salution to this problem is to first post an active count and in that post sceguale a recruiting session or a pb.

  4. P.S. korie what do you mean you have had unough of me!

  5. hyet guys if were going to have promos at the end of every mounth then should’nt they be coming up soon!

  6. Vick. I mean Im sick of you by: You think Im a bad Leader because I couldnt come to events & You think your a Leader because your on of the few active. And the point of a theme song is what people will know us as & if you make a video. Try to spell better. It makes the site look noobish

    • Korei not everyone is going to have perfect grammar. A lot don’t try to take that into consideration. And you’re probably older than him.

      • it is true I dont take it in consideration, but to be honest hes only one year older than me.

  7. lol a leader korie… me that is one thing thats not true. All im saying is as ADVICE that we should DO something. Not talk about theme songs

  8. trust me… a leader is one thing im not.

  9. Korie i’m sorry that I have not givin you much respect lately. It is not my place to be saying what this army should do. Next time I will trust your orders and follow them. I’m sorry night warriors for the big mouth i’ve had lately and I will keep my mouth shut from now on.

    major, Vick44

  10. If there is something that you think should be done, Just talk to one of us on chat.

  11. oh tomb I forgot to thank you for the promotion… “master”

  12. if you want tomb I can tell the nachos

  13. I told them… thought I was lying… kicked me off chat…

  14. Umm If you guys dont start making new posts i quit.Im bored of coming on to this site and see nothing happen.Ive read all the pages, THREE times.And Im just bored.Eithier make more posts or Bye!

    • well spiff if thats what you want to do go ahead, but I dont know about you but I never lead an army and I cant amagine what it’s like to have to post would’nt you run out of things to say…

      general, Vick44

    • Spiff… Tomorrow the poll is over. Then we will get on to new posts. And Im the only active Owner AT ALL. So I dont think its gonna kill you if you dont read a new post.

  15. um ya guys im not trying to use a big mouth or anything but I just went on CPA central and it said that kj retired from all cp armies and he gave people his rank in other armies… BUT he forgot to say who was going to take his rank in THIS army so what are we going to do

  16. AC/DC ROCKS!!!!!!! Good choice NW’s!

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