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We had a good run…

I’m not exactly sure what to do at this point. Nearly everyone, if not everyone, has quit this army due to neglect from the leaders. Most of our leaders have gone their seperate ways. Tomb, now 2ic of the Nachos, probably has his hands full and no time for this army(which is understandable). Korei, as you all well know has retired. And Cowboysfan’s whereabouts are unknown.

At one point in time we were very strong and very dedicating to this army. We just set ourselves up to fall all the more harder. I fear we may never get out of this grave we have dug so very deeply. The leaders are to blame for our fall, most of all me.

I’m not sure if everyone was aware but my computer was infected with a virus for quite a while. I believe it was after our victory of the OR that my computer gave it’s last wheeze and fell over dead(not literally). How ironic that after one of our greatest triumphs this has to occur. But now I have attained a new computer.

I hope there are a few still out there that are loyal ’till the end. I hope there are a few still out there who have not dropped their hands in frustration and given up. I am back and plan to make the most of it. Though I cannot be as active as I once was(due to school). But I will try nonetheless.

There are a few things we can do to pull ourselves up. For example we could try merging, which we never got to do last time. If any have suggestion my ears are open.

~Lift your heads up once more~



11 Responses

  1. Ok, it is not hard to notice that we have fallen. Fallen to almost nothing… well almost. What we need is some fresh owner meat. And to be honest some active owner meat. Woton was not what you would consider “active.” I have some ideas. Look for me on nacho chat. This may just work.

  2. I asked Joker to jion. You may know him as Wwefreak. He has lead a few small armys but I think he could be a leader of us.

    • So you want me to make Wwefreak a leader?

      • At this point, I would. Unless you can think of any one else.

      • I think we’ll save the remaining leader roles for a couple of armies that might merge into us in the future. We don’t need an over-fill of owner ranks.

      • like who?

  3. Cookies, you have my support. I will do whatever necessary to bring back the Night Warriors.

  4. not to be mean…… but a………………. are army has only 3-4(depending on tomb.) IDT that any one will merge into us more we merged into them

    • I see your point, but if we raise our numbers then we can find a couple.

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