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Issues That Plague Club Penguin Warfare

Vendetta: THAT WOULD BE GREAT. I’ll try to meet you on chat.

Korei: Glad too see you got the old site up and running again. If you want, I could also come back. Its up to you. And I really need to talk to you on chat.

 Welcome to the first issue of “Issues That Plague Club Penguin Warfare”. This is just my perspective on the bad things that occur in Club Penguin Warfare. I hope you enjoy and offer your view point.

As you know there are many small armies (us included) that find it impossible to grow. Many don’t know why and find fault in themselves and the capability of their army. To some extent it is their fault, but a major reason is the emergence of larger armies that ‘overshadow’ the smaller ones.

Like a plant, an army’s survival and growth depends on vital factors pertaining to the location to which it is grown. A plant needs nutrients such as water and sunlight in order to grow properly. For an army just starting out this ‘sunlight’ and ‘water’ is nearly impossible to attain. If a plant is grown between larger trees it will recieve little to no water and sunlight . It will bend to and fro to reach this sunlight it so needs, but never be able to bend far enough. It’s huge shadow will, until it whithers away, be cast over this smaller plant. Smaller armies and Major armies also share the same relationship. If a regular Club Penguin civilian (whatever you want to call them) sees two armies, one that is relatively small and the other considerbly larger, which would he choose? Would he not choose to be part of a bigger whole? Don’t we all seek acceptance from a larger poplulace? 

Here I’m asking an ordinary Nacho soldier on the reasons to why he joined this large army.


He agrees that size does play a role in how one determines an army.

There are many armies out there that I do no know of, and I’m sure that there are many people that don’t know about the Night Warriors. Can we atribute this ‘unawareness’ to the Major armies that soak up the spot light? Comment with your opinion and vote.

Look at the post below.




9 Responses

  1. look, Vendetta I get what your coming from. Realy I do. But think about it what could we do, we can’t battle them, and we can’t go up and ask “hey do you mind sspliting in two so we can get bigger.” I’m not realy getting your point.

  2. well vendetta acp nachos and iw did not start out huge

    • In the olden’ days it was easier because there were less major armies. I was actually going to say this but decided against this..now I see I should have.
      You’re not getting the idea of this post. This is meant to inform and raise debates, which it has.

  3. hi i was at the war night warriors vs black panther

  4. what if, two smaller armies joined together? Would that be a bigger armie?

  5. hi i know this isnt about the topic but i became a member now im a guest again any help?

  6. i rock at being a warrior please let me join plz

  7. ven i need a promo i wanna be a major or lt. thxs:awaiting promotion

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