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Mindless Words From An Infant

Okay, BP recently made a post about the invasion we so gracefully beat them in.

Ok so we had a crazy night. First, we started with no one 15 mins before the invasion. Then we got about 6-8 people on. Then some one made a doss attack on CP, and made us all crash and took out about half of us. Then kong/vendetta was on cold front with a group of noobs with the names xat gives like ” moopiekinz”  not even on cp. they said they won but they where on COLD FRONT. not cold snap. They knew it was suposed to be cold snap because it was even on the post, this is just a guess but i think they set up the doss, claimed it a mistake, and now are saying they own cold snap. I think not. With the Doss attack i asked for a re-scedual, He refused. He said the we loose and repeatedly kicked me over and over again saying ” We won” “We won” So mature. So in the end this is just nonsense. I say we own cold snap because 1. The doss hit at 8 and it was directed at cold snap. all his troops where on cold front ready for the attack, they fight dirty. 2. His so called large chat had nothing but ” moopiekinz” and ” cuddle bunnys” and none registered.

Do you see my point? We own cold snap! We didnt hack to get it. Its ours and its not going anywhere. No matter how much they claim to own it, they dont. They didnt win they just hit our server with a doss.

~Ajk -Long live bp- -long live cold snap-

This is a response to the passage above.

Let me just say this, you didn’t have 6-8 on CP, I saw your chat and it was just pathetic. If you’re counting your bots then you probably did have 6-8.Half of you? So that would take you down to one?
First off they are new recruits we recruited recently and as such they know nothing of xat, but you cannot admit we had more than you on our chat. How pitiful. And xat bots have no numbers at the top, so if you’re going to something about that don’t. It would be impossible to have people on chat otherwise. You know about this, so you tell me.
Also, what the hell blaming the doss on us. You guys used PS we have actual pictures. You have nothing. You told thekid to hack, Ajk.

You guested and banned me on your chat. Is that any more mature?

Cold Snap was full where else would we go? I mean you probably clogged up the servers with your bots.

We were affected by the doss as well. We were ALL able to come on, but I’m guessing you made up that you couldn’t get on because you knew you were going to lose.

Thekid also admits we won. One of your soldiers. And Raven gave us Cold Snap, too late. We took pics while you failed to do so. Probably to hide your humiliation.

Ajk, do yo want something to heal that burn you just experienced?

-No Tears Shed For the Dead-


2 Responses

  1. vendetta yeah i went to PBS website just to check something then i saw they had the same post as you

  2. ill join

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