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It’s the day you’ve been waiting. Those who were active get a promotion those who were not will either notice a drop in their rank or nothing at all.

This was based on the previous events such as the recruiting sessions, PB with the FW, etc. This is also based on your activeness on chat, which is just if not more important than the events.

If you failed to complete your duties as a soldier/member of the Night Warriors Army then you have failed to get a promotions. Try again next time. In the Night Warriors we reward our soldiers if they do exemplary, if not then they get no satisfaction.

Black[Bold]: Promotion




Generation3, Cowboysfan13


KjBulldogs1, Waddle5897, Vick44

______Owner Line______

moderator 1.0Grand Generalmoderator 1.0


moderator 1.0Head Generalmoderator 1.0

Polli0 (aka: Kingblackeye),

moderator 1.0Major Generalmoderator 1.0

77hockey, Frostbite375

moderator 1.0Brigadier Generalmoderator 1.0

123nico26 (Nic)

moderator 1.0Generalmoderator 1.0

Hiro 2, Aberacer, Timmy178(Wonga34), Jack, WweFreak123

______Mod Line______


Coolteresa2,Spiff313, Dog437,


Dustskull, Spongie555, Liljonah


Penguin72418 , Kenni Tram, Fireball5341, Drake8893


Isaiah8906, Slumdog36, Flontoonie


Puppy reflex,Drake24656, Lemonhead141, TanMan626 , hotrod711, Rockbandezra


Fizzer Green popgirl566, Gailmonster, Starfy Fan, Hawkins87


Dannydinio, Finner876, Ashvrya982, Md 23, EDWARDmania, Hannah30033, Gman Izzy, The Nibbler, Hannah M 369

❗ Some new recruits might not have gotten a promotion. ❗

If you think you deserve a promotion comment and tell me why.




No Tears Shed For The Dead



2 Responses

  1. only problem is last night rock quit.

  2. vendetta i wnna ask u something whens the new post about what server and time

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