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Complaining/ It’s my turn

Ok guys I know all I post about is warnings lately but this needs to be across. Some of you have been complaining about warnings. So I made a little list on in MY opinion would get you a warning

Spamming ( this is not just not just word spamming but emo Spamming)

Being a jerk ( it is ok to be a noob, it is NOT ok to be a jerk)

Giving orders ( if you are not leading you do not say stuff like this is just an example “ FW at the dock go go go! Instead say something like “I see about blank number of FW troops at dock should we go and fight them.” And if the leader says no. He means no.)

Not listening to orders ( if a leader says get in line you should be in line in like 3 seconds if you have to go for a second just say brb or gtg.)

CAPS ( if you do caps consistently you will get a warning, sorry guys it is just really annoying)

Respect ( if you don’t show respect to a each other, the leaders, and the army the price will be costly. If you say something bad about each other or a leader that is a automatic double warning. If you say some thing bad about NW oh it is going to be a ban……a long ban.

Also if you don’t feel you deserve a warning talk to the person that gave it, but don’t say “F@#% YOU BLANK” your just going to get another warning.

Lately Vendetta has been making all the events. This week I will make some event it may be a pb, recruiting session, or a training session.

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  1. I want a medal

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