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Invasion of Frozen/The Duties of a Soldier

Frozen is a UMA server and since they are now weaker than in their former days we can probably beat them. Let’s not let this be a repeat of the FW incident. I want everyone in this army there.




Frozen, All over


6:00 p.m. EST
5:00 p.m. CST
4:00 p.m. MST
3:00 p.m. PST
Comment if you can or can’t make it


The Duties of a Soldier

Lately our soldiers have been getting lazy and as a result the army has suffered. I just wanted to remind these soldiers what is expected of them and the consequences of failure to complete such expectations.

  • Every soldier should spend at least 1 hour on chat everyday. If no one is on then come on later and check again. This also means you have to talk while you’re in chat and not just sit there idle. This is also how promotions will be decided. You see the chat is how I am able to communicate with each and every one of you directly.
  • When I post something new, I expect everyone to read the post and leave a comment which tells me you did so. How do I know whether you can make an event of not? This will also be a deciding factor in promotions. I want to hear your opinions as well and this tells me who’s checking the site.
  • When there is an event, everyone on chat is expected to FOLLOW orders when they are given. The warning system(that Vick created) will be implemented. If you start a side conversation you will be warned. If it continues, you will receive a kick. Then after that a 1 hour ban.  These conversation negatively affect the event and prevents me from giving orders.
  • Every time you are using the computer you should check the site to see if I have something scheduled. When ever I go on chat I have to keep on reminding people until they finally check the post. I will not do this. If you do not check the site then oh well, your loss. You now have decreased your chances at getting a promotion.
  • Respect your leaders and fellow Night Warriors. Every time I’m on there is always some sort of fight. It’s okay to have strong beliefs and express it through a spirited debate. But when it reached the point where cuss words are used and everyone is screaming then I will intervene. I am first your leader and then your friend, and you will treat me as such. You will also listen to the highest ranked official on chat. And overall you will listen to me.

No Tears Shed For The Dead


12 Responses

  1. I can be there

  2. I can maybe come.If i dont come its because im working on a science fair project.
    ~puppy reflex

  3. I cant be there I have bball practice

  4. UMA doesnt own tundra

  5. i might make it, but don’t be surprised if i’m not there,i have homework, lots of home.

  6. i can maybe come

  7. I can come!

  8. soory i couldnt make it

  9. i coudnt make it, im so sorry

  10. Wow kong, your turning NW into a school based rules army. xD

    Good luck!


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