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A Hollow Victory

Today I address you not with joy and pride but with disappointment. We won the defense of Tundra, and only just, but we, the Night Warriors, won NOTHING. So can it be considered a victory?

Compare today’s results with yesterday’s. I ask myself, “What went wrong?’ I still can’t answer this question. There were many comments saying that they would be there. When it came down to it many of them did not show. It’s not hard, if your plans change LEAVE A COMMENT, or else you’ll be in trouble.

Obviously we are not ready for war. So it’s back to drawing board. I will start handing out demotions for those that do no LISTEN, for those that do not follow ORDERS, and for those that are only SEMI-ACTIVE. Maybe after that you will listen. If not, I honestly do not need negative feedback from soldiers that are supposed to be active. Soldiers that have made and oath to serve and uphold the Night Warriors’ Empire.You can quit right now if you are not up to it. But those that stay, they will become the new generation of Night Warriors, and they will reap the benefits.

|Stead No Tears|



4 Responses

  1. no comment

  2. how did we win??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. I agree as of what ive seen in different events we should and most likely will work harder. Even though now were not as good as we can be im pretty sure we will get into shape after giving the people who do not listen the demotions or whatever there called. Im not saying that im dissapointed becuzz we were doing well before this just tells me that we cannot accomplish the bigger events asside from the smaller more easier ones

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