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UMA Invading Frozen

Edit: Also, I will be demoting people the following week. The promotion you got can easily be taken away. So start going ON CHAT, start COMMENTING, and start actually GOING TO EVENTS.

UMA just can’t take defeat. They know we are large and superior in every way, yet they attack. The cowards even went as far as getting an ally to attack us as well. Well, UPA (their choice of an ally) had never agreed to helping you guys out. So good luck fighting on your own, but knowing you, you’re probably going to get ACP to invade us. Very “honorable” of you.


Saturday, 5/8


Frozen, Everywhere


5:00 p.m. EST
4:00 p.m. CST
3:00p.m. MST
2:00 p.m. PST (Penguin Standard Time)




|Stead No Tears|



21 Responses

  1. I will try

  2. i will try to b there i may ave togo campin again

  3. do we attack all uma seppeartly with no leader all over the server on our own free will

  4. oh yeah and i can make it
    this sounds like a promotion event

  5. For sure I can make it.

  6. Finaly I got my internet back (again) I think I will make it if my internet doesnt crash (again).

  7. i think i can come

  8. yea il be there

  9. hey can you guyz want a war with our army called snow warriors second generation plz post times and dates on home page some where

  10. Your army is now being advertised on the Club Penguin Army Advertising site. Use this site to find links to other armys and also check out our new army servers page.

  11. I’ll try to come.

  12. I hope NW owns UMA. I’m rooting for you guys, come through on this one.

  13. i can’t make it Vendetta. i have a party

  14. we will be back after this add DOWNLOAD THE NW TOOLBAR NOW!!! lol bye

  15. in there

  16. i think i can maybe come

  17. Please refrain from calling other armies bad names youve seen what happens when you do that.

    • Those words we spoken out of contempt for that period in time. No longer does hate simmer between us.

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