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Battle for Frozen.


Ok, so this how conflict with IW has been misunderstood. IW raided our server to express their outrage that we “took” frozen from them. I’d like to point something out in that, when we took Frozen, we took it from UMA, and UMA acknowledged that we took it, and in fact they are still wanting to fight for it. So here comes IW (who I might add, were no where in the whole conflict between us and UMA) saying that Frozen is theirs. So, some confusion in the IW leadership happens, and they schedule an invasion of 2 of our servers. One being our Capital. So me and Icey have made an agreement, and we will fight for only Frozen, in one battle deciding it all. YOU MUST ATTEND. If you were to make one battle in your whole life as an NW soldier, LET IT BE THIS ONE! Here’s the info:

Battle for Frozen

Where?: Frozen

When?: Saturday, May 29


3:00 pm est.,

2:00 pm cst.,

1 pm mst.,

12:00 pm pst.



-Now for the Sub Zero turnout section-

Well, the truth is IW showed at the invasion of Sub Zero, and showed that they wouldn’t give up without a fight. And they showed up for a fight, but we didn’t. NW, we did a VERY poor job not so much in tactics, (that goes to IW, joke bombs all over the place) but in size. Wait I thought size wasn’t the whole thing to an army? Correct. But it sure as hell plays a big role. And I know with all my heart we could’ve done better. We should’ve done better. And now, we will prove that we are the better army, and we will fight for our land. We were founded on the ideal of fighting for what is right, and by god we will show it on the battlefield. NW, me and Vendetta cannot do this alone. We need you. If in the past we have had differences between each other, forget them. I hope this whole losing experience will inspire us to come out a better army. An army that will show to all who defy it, why we are the Night Warriors. So we will fight with honor, and show our pride! We. Are. Night Warriors.

“Live free or don’t at all”

~Tomb147, Night Warriors Leader


20 Responses

  1. I can make it.

  2. I’ll make it.

  3. i will make it

  4. i think i can make it

  5. I can make it

  6. I will make it

  7. I can make it 😉

  8. ooo no i cant im goin skateboarding wit this kid whos thirteen and 6’3 basicly 6 feet and 3 inches

  9. i might since my army is fighting a nother army

  10. im not sure i might hav to go out to eat then for my aunts b-day

  11. i can deffinetly make it!

  12. i can make it

  13. i can make it

  14. Im pretty sure I can make it

  15. I can make it.

  16. I’m pretty sure i could make it, but if i have something to do i’ll try my best to finish that and come right back!

  17. i should be able to come.

  18. i can make it to the battle

  19. i tink i can

  20. I cant make anything from sunday till tuesday tomb. Sorry. ~Greeno

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