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Defense of Ice Palace and Frozen *TOP PRIORITY*


EDIT: Both Battles will not be easy to win, but we will. The WW battle will max up to an hour, then we will have a 20 minute break, and at 2:40 EST., we will fight RFW. Be prepared for 2 lengthy battles.

Ir’s quite amusing how both these armies scheduled their invasions at the exact same time. Both armies loath and despise us because we have what they don’t have. And they are jealous of it. They can’t attack under fair and equal terms because they know we would win. They want to split us because that’s the only way they can win. But we will meet them in battle nonetheless.  All allies have deserted us. And we stand alone…When all hope seems lost, we will fight on!



Saturday, 6/5




11:40 PST

12:40 MST

1:40 CST

2:40 EST

9:40 UK



26 Responses

  1. I can come

  2. I’ll be there

  3. i will make it

  4. Ven I Can Make It I Think

  5. i am not sure if i can make it

  6. i can make it lets go nw
    fight until the end

  7. i cant but..i might be able depends

  8. I MIGHT be able to come. I’ll inform you a yes or no on Saturday (’cause that’s the day I’ll find out).


  9. i shound be able to make it

  10. The RFW was not aware of your prior commitment when we selected the time. We can be reasonable, perhaps rescheduling the battle, or dropping it all together.

  11. hmm idk if i will be there i might leave durring for a new computer so i will make it.

  12. I am afraid I can not come got bball

  13. cant make it. and i have a legite reason, so dont demote me or il be pissed :/


  15. I Cant Come If You Demote Me I Will Quit:@:D whitch one will it be

  16. idk but if i do you´ll see me;)

  17. I will try I hope I can probably but it’s summer and my mom wants to go out like we did yesterday and today. I’ll try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Im ready to fight the enemy

  19. still can make it

  20. Yes. I can make both.

  21. i can make it

  22. I will be able to make it, unless something comes up and I need to go to it, so dont be surprised if something comes up and I need to leave in the middle of the battle.


  23. I got some pictures.


  24. sure,i’ll come

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