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Active Check!

Hey Guys, Tomb here.

Well, we really needed an active  check, so here it is. In our last active check, we had 14 active members. This was taken February 16 2010. Well, I expect double to triple that amount. Here’s what you need to do.

Clubpenguin/Xat name: Tombeh147 & Nick

Rank: Night Lord (leader)

CP Status: I am a member.


The red part is what you must fill in. This active check will be up Until Wednesday. I expect EVERYONE to comment. This active check will determine how far we need to step up our game.

“Live free or don’t at all”

~Tomb147 Night Warriors Leader


39 Responses

  1. Clubpenguin/Xat name: Tombeh147 & Nick

    Rank: Night Lord (leader)

    CP Status: I am a member.

    ~Tomb147 NW leader.

  2. Clubpenguin/Xat name: Kong458 And Vendetta

    Rank: Night Lord (leader)

    CP Status: I am a member.

  3. Mike 780

  4. Clubpenguin/Xat name: Cody234 and Cody234 the Night Warrior owner of the Night Warriors of P.M.U Dark Leagon
    Rank: Sergent
    CP Status: Member

  5. Clubpenguin/Xat name: Jake and king cool 13

    Rank: Commander (member)

    CP status: I am a member.

  6. Clubpenguin/xat name: jcm21 and lil’mac a.k.a. jcm21
    Rank: Commander
    Cp status:I am a member

  7. Chicksrule3
    idk iv been demoted so many times i cant keep up with it anymore
    idk… i go there sometimes? idk

  8. Clubpenguin/Xat name:
    Hannah30033/Hannah #1


    CP Status:
    I am not a member

    ~Hannah #1 xD

  9. cp and xat name sammyrocks06 for both.
    rank private .
    cp status member.

  10. Clubpenguin/Xat name: 50 cent 254

    Rank: Night Lord, Grand General

    CP Status: I am a nonmember, likely to renew my membership.

  11. Name: 77 hockey

    Rank: General

    status member

  12. Clubpenguin/Xat name: Greenoiscool, Carter, or Sleet96

    Rank: Night Warriors (General) (promo tommorrow!)

    CP Status: I was a member.

  13. Clubpenguin/Xat name:Mohd222 (ρaωρкσяи_WaяLoяd_∂ark_ℓegion_Mohd222NW_)
    Rank: Lt.
    CP Status: I am a member

    Sincerely, ρaωρкσяи_WaяLoяd

  14. Clubpenguin/Xat name: Mohd222 (ρaωρкσяи_WaяLoяd_∂ark_ℓegion_Mohd222NW_)

    Rank: Lieutenant

    CP Status: I am a member

    Sincerely, ρaωρкσяи_WaяLoяd

  15. 1.Clubpenguin/Xat name:SIMI78049&SIMI78049
    3.Cp Status:Member

  16. Clubpenguin/Xat name: Bloovsblue/Bloovsblue

    Rank: Soldier

    CP Status: Non member


  17. Clubpenguin/Xat name: Emmalise on chat and CP.

    Rank: Night hawk, Officer

    CP Status: I have canceled my membership because I am leaving, but I am still a member. (?)

  18. Clubpenguin/xat name: Drake8893, David
    Rank: general
    CP status: member

  19. Cp/chat name vick44

    rank:Brigadier General

    cp status: nonmember

  20. Clubpenguin/Xat Name: Drake8893, David
    Rank: General
    CP status: I am a CP member

  21. The gold army keeps sending there retard spies on the chat >.<

  22. jake3848 beastboy101
    i am not a member

  23. Clubpenguin/Xat name: 5smartboy &

    Rank: Private

    CP Status: Member


  24. carnage467

  25. Helment

  26. splinterman3 for both


    im a member of the night warriors

  27. emrald361
    non member

  28. 1. Vincent Valentine
    3.Non-member (just expired, renewing soon)

  29. Clubpenguin/Xat name: Louiza451 and PENGUINishMINE

    Rank: Private

    CP Status: Not a member (But getting memeber ship today)

  30. penguin/xat name: Tes7

    Rank: Private

    Cp Status: Member

    p.s. need a promo

  31. Clubpenguin/Xat name:SIMI78049
    CP Status:Member

  32. vampire_lover_forever
    non -member

  33. ClubPenguin/Xat name: Drake8893, david
    Rank: General
    CP status: Member of CP

  34. Club Penguin Name: Bryjaz
    Rank: Sergant
    CP Status: Not a Member

  35. Club Penguin/Xat Name: Bryjaz and Bryan (in chinese)
    Rank: Sergant
    CP Status: Not a Member

  36. CP name- Sara9817
    Xat name- Sara9817
    Rank- Private
    CP Status- Non-Member

  37. Cp name
    Xat name
    CP status

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