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To CPAC And Our Alliance

Up until now we were under the impression, which now proved to be wrong, that we were a part of the Confederation alliance, consisting of the Nachos, IW, and other smaller armies. We were apt to fight in the invasions that were scheduled against ACP, DCP, RPF, and their allies, which were mainly an invasion of ACP’s servers. We even contributed to some of the battles, more than most at least.

We now discovered that we were disillusioned, meaning we were wrong in believing we were a part of any alliance and even more wrong in actually fighting in the war. According to CPAC (and even more specifically Iasgae) we’re not in the Confederation alliance.

Almost every army, involved in this conflict, has acknowledged that we are indeed fighting in this war, except CPAC of course. But since CPAC knows better than all those armies and even more so than us and who we are fighting, we will respectfully withdraw from the alliance and from this war we are not a part of. Because they alone, being Gods, can decide and control what armies can and cannot do, and we must all follow like the obedient servants that we are.

Or maybe Iasgae meant to say we are one of the “small armies” in the alliance, if so then I must really question her mental state, but I doubt this is the explanation for her error though we are still looking into her disability. I don’t consider a Top Ten army to be small, so on top of everything she is also a hypocrite. What else has she defended that she does not actually believe in? Now we must go back to everything she has said, and we being the fools that have believed blindly, and question it.

Also note that RPF was included, considering their ranking (that being a small army), and yet we weren’t. There’s no argument, RPF is small. But, are we below them? If so, then why aren’t they in the Top Ten? They weren’t in that class and there’s a possibility that we were/are. This furthers my point that CPAC is unreliable, but we must all contend with mediocre posting since they are one of the few that does post them. I’m not suggesting anything, but you can decide for yourself whether CPAC is a reliable source of news, or like every other media that tends to lean towards one side of the political spectrum against all other claims and popular belief that says otherwise. I’m sure that this decision is clear.

I am sorry we must leave this alliance, but since CPAC doesn’t consider us a significant force then I fear we cannot help your cause, nor would we be able to significantly alter its course. RPF will have a better chance of doing that, so watch out for RPF. 🙄

All I can say to CPAC is this:

Remember your place in Club Penguin Warfare. Your job is not to decide nor to command, it’s only to report. Though you may have influential reporters, you have no authority/sovereignty over any army. You have been dancing on the line, and you’re only as powerful as the viewers you attract. You are blind to this, and I hope you find comfort in your ignorance which you constantly hide behind.

I hope all of you understood my sarcastic satire. I would have no need to explain, but if people like Iasgae are reading this then they will believe I am complementing her, when in fact the exact opposite is true. She is slow, we can only feel sorry.


26 Responses


    • O_O Chill.. I’m a human who makes mistakes, it’s not like I just sentenced your dad to die in a gas chamber..

      • You’ve made it multiple times. I would think you of all people would check army sites, because you either receive information directly or indirectly.

        Also please do not confuse “your” and “you’re”

      • You’ll find that Ias was actually correct in ”your”…
        no offence.

      • Vendetta, please do not confuse “your” and “you’re”. :mrgreen:

        Edit: Yeah, that was meant for Flipper below this comment. I had actually edited my comment after-wards, but I guess I got the comments mixed up.

  2. Ias included you, your a small army so he put “And other small armies” Your post was written for nothing. FAIL.

    • If you read it all, like a good little boy, then you would know that I made a section for that exact reason. No arguments were overlooked 😉 You really just embarrassed yourself which deserves in turn a PHAIL.

    • http://i45.tinypic.com/2cii6a.jpg Small army huh? Use your fucking eyes.

      • And Vendetta implies I’m patronising lmfao.

      • And to whom are you addressing this? You never do stop, do you? Because Ias always has to have the last word or say on a matter.

      • I don’t enforce that, other armies chose to have CPAC judge, my word isn’t the last word unless the armies agree it. I have no evidence brought foward to me of my alleged narcasism , so please, enlighten me with something concrete.

  3. I feel you take these Club Penguin armies and the news site of them to seriously.

  4. Were not small were in the LARGE army top ten SEE how i put LARGE in big letters.

  5. ven i waz thinkin the same thing when i read that on cpac

  6. Large or small, mentioned or not, you still got pwned by ACP/DCP and allies. Next time choose the winning side .

  7. […] Please do not use the comment box to argue over the validity of these claims. Each player is entitled to their opinion. The full argument can be found here: https://nwarmy.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/to-capac-and-our-alliance/ […]

  8. true the taste of victory is not complete withouth defeat

  9. Hello I am not part of NW like others, I own a small army like you containing only about 40… Im new and I may not be in top ten or anything but I can back you up… Sorta like while ACP is attacking one room well get the room with a little bit of ACPs… We are not like CPAC we are allyed with Nacho IW and hopefully you.. We do not insist that you must back us up every battle only a few… We would be glad to back you up whenever we can…. I hope for a near alliance.

  10. Notice how King Cool 13 is always the first one to comment? 😀

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