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To WW (More Satire)

Edit: Lje, by writing an edit you have indeed responded to my childish taunts.
Again I am forced to write a lengthy speech about how the second party is misinformed, this being WW.

They have written lies about me claiming I am a known RPF operative, Sergie. They have based these claims on virtually nothing, only going on what their all-knowing master, Luc, has told them and similarities in our names. Every WW has, of course, believed his claims, because they are mindless drones. This is what Luc had to say about Sergie and about me:

Over the past few days College boy over there (Venn NW leader) has been going on chat and insulting bri and the rest of WW. First of all your in college GET A LIFE SERGIE. If you think were just going to let you run your mouth all day then you have another thing coming. So let me tell you what were going to do. We are taking back Tuxedo, and we are taking back Ice Palace. 2 of our closest allies servers.

If I were actually Sergie, that would have hurt my feelings. But I have no recollection of “running my mouth” only providing accurate statements as to the condition of WW and their leader Tramp or Scamp.

Even if I were to provide proof that I am indeed not Sergie, they would disregard this as false and only warp it with their fool’s logic. I can provide proof, and if ever Luc or another leader wanted to see such proof they would only need to ask, which I highly doubt they will.

And Venn was on my xat friends list and I never remembered adding him, when I clicked sergie on my list, the name changed to venn about 4 months ago around the same time venn appeared. Isn’t it weird how this venn person came out of no where and knows so much. He also hates Rpf, sergie hated rpf as well because he was fired. When you tie it all together. Venn is sergie aka college boy :lol:

I was actually never in RPF, or ever affiliated with them. And as for the claim that I “hate” them, I have never shown hostility towards RPF. And yes, we did invade them recently, but I was absent for that week and as such had nothing to do with it. And I didn’t just come out of no where. I have been around for over a year. Again, I can provide proof for such statements from people that know me well. You only just started noticing me. And no, I’m not that old that I would be going to college, but you sound like you’re still in pre-school. All the advice I can give to Luc is to sound out his vowels, and he will go far. Actually, I do wish to go to College someday, while Luc will be servicing me if I happen to stop by a fast-food joint.

Also I cannot ask for proof on which they base their claims according to Luc

Wait your asking for proof? Because when people usually say “Where’s your proof” that means that they are guilty or know something else, which means that ven is infact sergie and we all know it.

Wow, his logic is simply brilliant. I see what Luc is doing though. He’s making it so I do not ask for proof, because he of course has none to offer. How is everyone supposed to know whether or not you’re lying if you don’t justify your claims. I was just simply demanding for proof, because I am sure of myself. No need to reverse my request to suit your benefit. We must all believe Luc even if he has no evidence, and he is never wrong (This is what he demands of us all).

Again, I ask WW to plead for full custody of their capital. Even trying will satisfy me. Who is ACP to deny the return of your land? It wouldn’t be that they are unwilling, but that you, WW, are unwilling to let go of the sanctity ACP has offered you for far too long.

This is a repeat of my CPAC post, except it’s more personal. WW thinks they know more about me than I do. Funny, eh? I’m also sure they will make a parody of this speech, but less advanced.


20 Responses

  1. WW WILL PAY!!! :MAD:

  2. Also WW will do the opposite of what I ask of them not because of that very same reason but because they don’t want to ask ACP for their land. I would think they’ve shared it long enough

  3. I love how ven likes to take apart his enemies one part at a time.

  4. like i said, I still think we should get the server tundra to ourselves, considering the fact we used to share our other servers with acp, and ACP has no historic value to the server.

  5. Is it just me, or does Vendetta think he is better, and smarter than everyone, and that he cannot be wrong?

    • Again? Really, Ias? The CPAC post I didn’t want to write. I was told to write it. I didn’t really care anyhow. The argument is over. I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove to me or anyone.

      • This is not about the CPAC post, it is about your constant reminders, subtle hints and implications on chats everywhere in which you falsely accuse me of misconcieved characteristsics in my personality.

      • Not everything is about you Ias. Maybe what you perceive as “implication” are nothing more than comments. Not everything is about you.


  7. Man, you are a fine leader, and intelligent enough to lead the NW twice over, but we have a word for this kind of thing. We’d have to call you a genius. This most definitely satire. I don’t typically read and respond to your posts, but I was in the area, and still feel some sympathy for the WW. Yeah, they made a mistake. Sometimes… people have been known to do that.

    Edit: Trust me if you actually knew anything about what you’re talking about you would feel hatred towards them. I wouldn’t have to write this if it were just a mistake. They have deluded themselves into thinking it true. And please look up both definition of the terms used, those being “fallacy” and “satire” because they were used incorrectly. It could actually be used to to describe WW’s post.

    • Of course. I was referring to “Ad Hominem”, a type of fallacy where one party attacks the other directly, or “to the man.” Snappy timing with the edit though.

      • Well, can’t it be seen as both? I’m pretty sure it’s satire as well. You have your opinions; I have my own.

  8. ven ur words r confusing they r too complex for my brain

  9. who the f is ww

  10. OMG look! An imbecile.

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