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July Promotions

Those who were active in all areas will be getting a promotion. Those who have slacked off will not. Simple.


Need To Get Ranked?

(Applies only if you haven’t commented on the Join Page)

1.) First leave a comment on the Join Page. Answer all the questions.
2.) Give us a time span of 24-hours before checking for your rank.
3.) Be active by going to events and chatting with fellow Night Warriors

Dark Legion: Purple [Unknown]

Night Hawks: Blue [Unknown]

Night Lord

Vendetta, Tomb147




______Owner Line______

moderator 1.0Grand Generalmoderator 1.0

moderator 1.0Head Generalmoderator 1.0

moderator 1.0Major Generalmoderator 1.0


moderator 1.0Brigadier Generalmoderator 1.0

Vick44 , King Cool13[PROMOTED], Drake8893[PROMOTED],

moderator 1.0Generalmoderator 1.0

Jcm21, 77 Hockey

______Mod Line______


Panthers Bas, Liljonah, Nasa7, Todd3646[PROMOTED]


Coolteresa2, Maxwell500,


Fireball5341, Flontoonie, Iceeblu101, Mohd222, Pinkeypiebea, Penguin72418, 4455ashpie, Juneau2, Hannah30033, Omega39, Alpha 1, Vuff20, Fiasco 121, Jcool 57, Cody234[PROMOTED]


Isaiah8906, Slumdog36, Princess7328, Kyl1, Chill Bill99, Chosenone334, Flamesix3, Korei 4, Emmalise , Nikkisix23, Pingu54529, Khimo98/Hordash1, Cookies Pal, Etac14, Draco Joe, Bryjaz[PROMOTED], Jack Mcintyre [PROMOTED], Simi78049[PROMOTED],


Fizzer Green, Preetypink6, Puppy reflex,Drake24656, Lemonhead141, TanMan626 , Hotrod711, Ellabell645, Slade95594, Cn775, Jaw7, Bobfredcool9, Ipenguin7656, Ninja7 h, Brandy89815, Blackbelton, Gorkyr , Flame guy 36, Trudog2, Daleearnhart, Super Carlo2, Whoa Lakeops, Narutorule5, Alphaonyx, Withyoually, Chicksrule3, El Rey, Bloovsblue , Hannah M 369 , Clappy 09 , Phineas37295[PROMOTED], Shadowe2[PROMOTED], Bffrules00 [PROMOTED]


Popgirl566, Gailmonster, Starfy Fan, Rockbandezra, Hawkins87, Pplk225, Derrise, Loona71192, Patrick2143, Adarsh 18, Twister6888, Kdied, Jujuboy23, Marianne3013, Skippy55, Txtchampion1, Dinoscheese, Pendy pengui, Dojoroccer, Jmax09, Clone5677, Commando890, Sora43990, Jordie6006, Recoz9, Milly Rose 4, Willcins, Marianne3013, Gunther7, Chandler707, Secret Paige, Blury1, Yasmine0615, Legokg, Jerichodog, Wubzzy001, Kurd89, Jojo21110, Jewls30 , Abby Walker, Poppers12321, Lnml, Mamuti56, Emrald361 , Acero, Sammyrocks06 , Ginger18111, Helment, Fluffy2451 , Tes7, CoolcatAAS, Darki949, Jc Jr 1234, Magma Boy, Dark Drifter, Splinterman3[PROMOTED], Jake3848[PROMOTED], RED OLDS[PROMOTED], Keithe1[PROMOTED], Finn the dog[PROMOTED]


Dannydinio, Finner876, Ashvrya982, Md 23, EDWARDmania, Gman Izzy, The Nibbler, Yakan1, Later Gator3, Sopppa, P36045344 , Scott 7702, Steak99, Peachy77pie, 100kirby, Andrine400, Hlp21, Jimmer321, Juniormac21, Bucks, Gabbriellacandy, Superhightec, AWYO, Ezzy00, Mileygirl441, Hermione1921, Poke1poke234, Ninja boy 205, Thuan8, Crystal 666, Neo Geo, Keely123445, Samakins123, Mudley123, Blade, Icycoldgirl, Penguinkai, Arieltalia, Duhsoawesome, Tchampiontx1, Slidy911, Rocky6264, Dogdogdogdog, Puffyg1, Nico, Sonic516, 77dancer, Hubaguba, Holeeos, Lava King, Poogle7 85, Shadow7754, Hotguyjman, Jmardouble, Chesterzoo7, Jj Kanes, Michelle608, Jewls30, Giggity24, KaKakandy, Ripg, Gram45, Forest98, , Bluedudeaml, Zelbest, Bobby 460, Dogs3564, Hearts326 , Matt30321, Nick11133, Eeny6, Pinky20132, Superdisney, Swatguy333(Trenton), Mokey178, Zeke541, Jimmygoris22, Waterloo122, Kaybird, Mojoca2, Emily3929, Penguin 70070, Frida590, Piepii1, Allison3929, Big Chill2, Ppppookie , Sabrinakelly, Lu kang , Skipper4817, Navyboyd, Bonbon8888, Cutierose719, Kameme989, George10102, Floppy38834 , Pipsqueak528, Aaronstone42 , Waddles8893, Drocco, Abrc08, Devonthebest, Mentz1, Sleet96, Funkey5376, White7, Joel448, Monkeybob12, Golem2163, Zack82666, Devonthebest2, Wilbur5700, Golem2163, ChandlerJack, Carnage467, Fuzzy Tiger , Penguin36515, Devonthebest, 2344Blakie, Duke25612, Daniel19774, Erek55, Jake3848, Pikachu137, 5smartboy , Mike 780 , 123nai, Blazzing Blue Army, Black Pen4, Beastley917, KEENAN96, Re3you, Mike32000, Bekys2, Blue 12er, Misty220, Cool Juggalo, Pkmn11111, Xxninjaxx491, Mai man, Kaysumi, Seabear665, Danakid, Nanermonkey, Agent P49, Louiza451, Tailsdoll83, Sara9817, Jesie44, Preywith, Jitter24, Fr0st3, Roseabelann, Moocowsrock1, Anakin77779, Pokelarry2, Abbyheidifri, Shadow53002, SKIBOY1299, sk8errock1, Spore17, Tidbitt, Liltrainboy, browninb, Zepher619, amr1312 , coolguy476, Reguluz, 1minnie28, Disney Cp1, Houdini706, Colts2006, Anteron, Jasonx1998, Kpuff2345, Coffee1000, Sawdaneium, Waddles99915, Fire Ball 07, Monkeyman674, Twlightlightg202, TehMustang, Nick 80691, Awesomo 5, Waddles0, Borgtrek7, Aswsome J, Jc32521, 5t3v0br01, Kaiden7399, Candyboy8, Dodoubleg, Demi319, Grasspie, Friedajane98, Coffee1000, Reguluz, Browninb, Philthedude, Britwhit97, Shamster607, Bubblz2998, Sc57, Blackie02056, Mathurin, Blueoutof24, Icy1213, Danjot1, Donnuh, Ricardo05272, Ninja Ichiro, Swippie321, Blizzard59, Aesh3, Nickguin, MissMY1, Geigo426, Carrotbunny2, Caseys man, Mmi man1/Xtrasupershadow, Bionclex, Nmnm87, Kayla49365, Lele lu, Mighty Bud, Tiger65535, Nicetim, Turquoise654, Alohakat, Palkia1124, Vickyhearts, Swimmy15568, Racer749cat, Amazing79, Phantom86, Rafipenguin, Sadraindrop, JUAN ROCKs11 , Bat12356, Dancy 25, Clay1799, Loosyg, Hydroponik, Marissa947 , Willman53, Ethan12032, Flemo5, Seo hiphop , Whitey 312, Brazyzac9000, Flemo5, Dude 106, Nedo 7, Rock Girl980, 09090ness, Boo boo 006, Nick82921, Slicer1114

If you think you deserved a promotion fill out the following form:

Xat Name:

CP Name:


Why do you deserve one:


16 Responses


  2. Yes I did too

  3. I need to take a well needed trip to activeville…

  4. mr.willie
    because ive been active ive been in night warriors i started off as a soldier o and ive been here for 6 months straight havent been on vacation nothin thats y i deserve one

    Tomb: Tell me what you’ve done RECENTLY, not in the past.

  5. i jus looked ive been here mor then phineas37295 and chicksrule3

  6. heres who ive been here longer than finn the dog,red olds,kiethe1

  7. dude i have been active in wars and stuff but not on nw chat i deserve a promotion

  8. Thanks Ven! i can make more penguins if you want

  9. why why I NEED ONE!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hello!
    My Penguin name is Sara9817
    Xat name- on the chat it says Sara9817 BRACE FACE
    Meh rank is a Private
    I think i need promo cuz i am on chat quite a bit! also bcuz i really try to make all the events u dont kno how hard i try. i have made some and the reason i havent made all is cuz my parents dont let me get on. In my life it is impossible to make All events. just hear me out in this 1

  11. hello, can one of the leaders plz give me a promotion because ive been very active and gone to all events. my username is kot sad 111 and im a private.

  12. ps mt chat name is omg

  13. srry i filled it out the wrong format il do it again

    1.xat name:omg
    2.Kot Sad 111
    4. i think i deserve one because ive been very active on chat and ive been going to all the events

  14. 1.my xat name is dude 101
    4.i deserve one because i go to every battle and patrol there is even when my dad tells me to study and i show no mercy to my enemies and i even had to fight my best friend who was in acp it was a big sacrifice

  15. i forgot to say im very very active of course

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