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PB for Icebound.

Hello everyone. Well, we did AWESOME at the defense of Icebound. There will be a post on that soon..

But since Spice has pride issues, we will be having a practice battle for ice bound. So here’s the info:

❗ PB for icebound ❗

Server?: Icebound


3pm pst

4pm mst

5pm cst

6pm est

When?: Thursday, July 22




43 Responses

  1. First comment… I can make it if nothing comes up.

    ~No feelings, no life~

  2. i think I can come

  3. i will make it. even if we lose (which we wont) we will still own icebound no matter what. we won. ppl in tg said so. so we won.

  4. I can maybe but there is a 10% chance I might not though

  5. Cookie will be there

  6. I can make it.

  7. I can make it.

  8. I can’t make it ( at least I think )


  10. I should be able to make it

  11. i might i might not its a 50 50 shot btw we need allies if we don’t we wont get by i was thinking nothing big so these are some ideas..
    Roman Fire and
    the Watex can we start out or are we a lonely nation

    • joesiv a problem with with cp warfare today is that armies have TO MANY allies. NW likes to stand on it’s own.

  12. I might make it… We’ll see

  13. I can come. If something comes up I will inform you.

  14. yes(WARY)

  15. sorry 1 am no cant make it

  16. i can make it

  17. Hey guys, I know this is confirmation for thursday, but I do not know where I can post that I will not attend events Friday through Monday. I am going on vacation and I will be away from my computer. Is it ok if I am gone? Will I be downgraded?

  18. I can make it

  19. Well my fellow Nachos and Night Warriors , it looks like it’s the end of my Club Penguin army carrier. Some of you may be wondering why I am retiring so early? Well it is a mix of two things.
    The first Reason is my parents. Many times have I tried to convince that people in cp armies are just kids but, they keep telling me that they could all just be a bunch of 40 year olds sitting on their A**. They told me that if I don’t stop going on chat they won’t let me play football and I love to play so ya……
    The second reason is well… Come on guys it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. Club Penguin is becoming more and more for 6-8 year olds. The game today is not made to please 13-14 year olds. If you’re a 13-14 year old reading this think about it, how many kids at your school talk about “club penguin”?
    I don’t have a time line to share because I forget XD. Any way this is a list of people that helped me along the way.

    Joker: Joker you were the first real friend I ever made on nacho chat. You decided to become my friend even though I was a noob back then.

    Billy: A very cool guy. Another one of my first friends. Actually came mode because of him (wary)

    Cookies: Well Cookies you may have corrected my grammar many times, you may have tricked me many times, and you may have proven smarter than me many times. But you and I both know deep down you will always be my little ven ven.

    Tomb: Probably the most important person on the is list. Tomb was the first person to think of me other than a noob. You took me as a apprentice even when other people called me a noob and were mostly right.


    King: King you were awesome you could always make people laugh.

    Tan: Well your prediction of us both becoming leader did not come true. Yet you can still become it.
    50: Like it or not 50 was a very smart nacho. HE taught me a lot and new his tactics.

    Awesome dude: Sorry I have to retire at this time I wish you could become my apprentice.

    Sorry to any one I forgot. Now as for my rank. In the nachos I would like to give it to zayer and in NW I would like to give it to no one. Find me a replacement ven. O:< There is still a small chance I come back but it is probably not going to happen.

    – Vick44, retired nacho and night warrior

  20. I can make this


  21. dont worry,im coming. i always come to wars and battles!THEY ARE SOOO AWSOME!(FLIP)

    ~splinterman3~ P.S. call me blade

  22. qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

  23. i missed it 😦

  24. i can make it today and tomorrow!! 😀



  27. i can

  28. i think this passed

  29. i want to kill cp

  30. I can’t find Icebound

  31. oh nevermind

  32. can u go in october???

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