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We Win, Yet Again

Edit: TG have no actual proof of us spying. They cannot connect us to any rule-breaking. And there can be many explanations for the following information.

Nothing much was different, we went on as usual and like last time TG decided to break their own rules. Except last time they cleverly removed the rule they broke to hide their error.This time they won’t get off as easy. TG actually made a victory post in which they won on a technicality. But why not post pictures as well? Scared of something, perhaps?

Well here are my picture, which prove that we won by a considerable margin:

Indeed we dp.

This shows the utter hypocrsy of TG and their leaders. They can make the rules, and they can also freely break them. This justifies ever "rule" we broke of theirs. Their leader said it was okay to do so.

So what this shows is a well-known TG leader admitting that the rules TG has established, prior to the battle, mean nothing. So any crimes or “rule-breaking” on NW’s part don’t count. And if you’re going to win on a technicality, then that’s just sad TG.

17 Responses

  1. Ven do you ever listen to me? o.o
    I ran the rules past you that spice made you said something like dont expect usto follow it. You claimed u logged off after i allowed u to mke the rules then.
    You guys recruited B4 us, you spied(4-6 spies).

    • Please provide actual evidence before you make wild claims.

      • look at your pic of 1 of our mods saying something- proof of NW spying(got you there ;))

      • You can’t prove anything actually. Maybe someone from within TG gave us the picture.

  2. evidence of you spying is getting a pic of someone saying they think your bigger. How did you get that pic if you didnt spy.

  3. i was there

  4. I came to the beginning

  5. No army leader should have the authority to tell another army that they automatically lose, if they recruit beforehand. That is absolutely ridiculous. Same with the spying rule. I put up with spying during my leadership, and had mods to deal with it during battle. Soldiers are always going to spy, DEAL WITH IT.

    Edit from Tomb: Person, they were the ones who set the “rules”. We think it is completely stupid, but since they want to play that game, we’re going to get them using their own idiocy.


  7. I wonder why the Vending machine didnt take a pic of the whole conversation

  8. So we had a double agent? Lemme guess Sugar? she gave you the pick last time didnt she?

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