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Division Battle *TODAY*

Korei3- Just to let everyone know that I have returned as a Nw 2ic. To all the new people we’ve gotten, Im Korei3, the Leader of the 2nd Generation Night Warriors, I retired a few times. But Im here now, and thats all that matters.

Tomb edit: Night Hawks will use this chat: http://xat.com/NightHawksNW, and we will wear BLACK AND BLUE as our UNIFORM

If you’ve wondered why your name is either Blue or Purple, on the ranks page, then I will explain. They are known as “Division”. We currently only have two, Dark Legion and Night Hawks. When you first join and then added to the rank, you are randomly place in one of the two. We haven’t utilized the divisions, but in the future they could prove useful. This is why we will have a battle between Dark Legion and Night Hawks. To see what division you are go the the RANKS page.


Sunday, 8/1


Ice Bound


2:00pm PST

3:00pm MST

4:00pm CST

5:00pm EST



35 Responses

  1. I can make it.

  2. ill try

  3. I can possibly make it im on vaca but this time i have a Computer

  4. I will be there!

  5. i can make it

  6. i`ll try but thats a very… um… sad day for my family

  7. i think either night hawks or dark legion is going to be short on soilders GO NIGHT HAWKS!

  8. i can make it 🙂

  9. I think I can make it.

  10. ill probably make it.

  11. what server is it?

  12. Yeppers

  13. wats yeppers?

  14. ill be there most likely

  15. i’ll come or will i?

  16. I could probably make it

  17. i might be a little late. i am going camping in my moms friends backyard. so i shoul be back in time. but i might be a little late.

  18. nice now we have a person for each owner position.

  19. I don’t know maybe it’s at 12 pm for me

  20. i’ll try to get there!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  21. im coming and the dark legion will get pwned by Night Hawks.

  22. i think i could make it

  23. ill be there but im gonna be a little late and what’s the server?

  24. yes ill be there. But someone hacked into my account and banned it for 3 days. So i’ll use my other account so you can recognize me. My cp name will be bquik123

  25. il most likely b there

  26. ill try to make it. i dont really kno cuz like 4 familia persons came into town and idk.

  27. GO NIGHT HAWKS!!!!


  29. I couldn’t make it cause i had to go to church



  32. I can join. my penguin name is lilly34184 and i can join. what gear shall i need?:D P.S is that okay if i am a girl?

  33. please let me be promoted ive bean to two promotion battles

  34. uh today is 9/1/10

  35. NIGHT HAWKS RULE! (no efensse shipe :))

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