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Setting things straight.

Hello NW, Tomb here.

I would just like to set some thing straight.

First off, the war with Nachos is undecided. Yes, we did raid their re-invasion of Fjord, and yes I did say that we would declare war.


I acted without thinking. The Nachos are in the great alliance, and we (NW) are the the “allies” of the great alliance. AND, according the the IW leader, even though we just wanted war with nachos, the great alliance would attack us. Ok, so that’s 2 down for us.

Reasons why I decided to declare war:

  • Number 1 being that we need to show that we are worthy of being in the top 4, if not the top 3. And Nachos were the next in the top 10, so you do the math.
  • Number 2, I had/have a personal vendetta with the Nachos and I know I shouldn’t use NW to settle it. Sorry 😥

Other than that there are no reasons why. Just simple ranking up in the chain.

I took notice that person said in his newest post, that he in fact created NW.


Person did NOT create NW. Cowboysfan13 did. Person lead NW with the creator (Cowboysfan13) in the first generation for about as long as it lasted, which according to cowboys, was only 2-3 weeks. The time the first gen NW lasted, before the merge with RRCP.

But as a precaution, we will be putting ALL our servers on code: orange. Which means, patrol constantly for any soldiers that aren’t in NW uniform.

Live free or don’t at all,



14 Responses

  1. I personally don’t want war since the Nachos have other things to handle at the moment. I’m glad that you thought it over, mah buddy 😀

    • Heh, saying that half your force was gone is exaggerating. Most of it was there, and the NW were fighting an unscheduled battle. So I’d say the odds were against us. Also it was UMA and Nachos vs NW.

      • Half of the Nacho forces had left between the time of 5 mins before the Nachos started fighting you, and when the Nachos started to fight. Also, based on what I was told, UMA was recruiting in the Snow Forts for most of the raid. We didn’t ask for them either o_o.

      • Eh, I still don’t believe the Nachos were at half strength.

      • Uma wasn’t told to come, we just came- thats how good allies Nachos and Uma are. And uma was their helping nachos for like 2 minutes then we went to snow forts to just have a training session xP Half of nachos were only there, the other half wasn’t.

      • I believe the UMA part, but not the half strength part. I’ve seen the Nachos at scheduled events, and quit frankly they’re not that big.

  2. 1st and ok i’ll patrol icepalace

  3. i will patrol from time to time

  4. I will patrol

  5. Well, at least Tomb was smart enough to let it go.

    • Nasa, we could have taken them on. Ads just threatened to send in an entire alliance against us.

  6. Help RPF and MFW.

  7. I agree, I’ve battled the nachos & the aren’t frankly “big” in army group size. I think its do-able. Though, we don’t know if the war is decided or not. Just saying my opinion.

  8. i will be able to make the battle of snowfort

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