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An honorable loss.

Hello NW, Tomb here.

Today’s battle was one of epic proportions. We fought long and hard. We conquered rooms, and we fought our enemies. But in the end, we took an honorable defeat.

I wasn’t able to make the battle, but at 2:30 CST when I logged on, the beach was full of Night Warriors. The most I’ve ever seen. Vendetta told me that it was an awesome battle and that NW did awesome in it. Some of you may be mad that we lost, but look how far we’ve come. I don’t know about you, but boy, did we upset this tournament or what?!

Most people thought that we would be out by when we fought ACP. Hell, even I did. But look what we did.

We tied with the Number 1 army in club penguin.

How epic is that for an army that started from a few people? It’s VERY epic. You may be asking yourself,

What do we do from here?

We only get stronger. We have SO MUCH potential. School is starting up, and this is the kind of like the recession for some CP armies, because people start becoming inactive. Well we won’t. Because we are ALL going to work hard, and we will prove that we are not just an army that lasts a month or two. I plan for NW to be around a very long time. And that can’t happen if we don’t work hard NOW. And so my fellow Night Warriors, this marks a new generation for all current night warriors. The generation that proved that through hard work and determination, a little army can become something. Now we have to prove that this army can continue from that point. Not to anyone in particular, but for ourselves.

I understand that school is around the corner, so events will be more time friendly. My goal for NW is for us to be number 1 for more than a month. That seems nearly impossible but we can and will do it.

Here’s to even more success for the Night Warriors!

“Live free or don’t at all”



26 Responses

  1. Here, here :mrgreen:

  2. We did awesome

  3. I say we did do good.

  4. hi tomb! allot has changed since I’ve been gone…. congratz with the NW thing.

  5. i was pretty upset when we lost but hey we did well, very well.. i think in my opinion that we all deserve a round of applause cuz we never gave up and we stuck together to get through our battles 🙂 and like tomb said we tied with the number one army in cp!! thats pretty AWESOME for a army who is the 8th biggest! We showed them are best and we should be proud of ourselves, sry this was a long comment but its true 😀

    Tomb: Agreed 😀

  6. it was epic and a loss BUT GOOD NEWS ACP LOST TO NACHOS YES

  7. We still Pwn no matter what anyone says 😀

    Out there we proved that we are an army that takes on a challenge when it comes, and accepts the outcome. We were awesome(!!!!!), and to us, thats a sign for potential, and all that matters. So heres to us, the # 8 army who tied with the # 1.

    ~Emmalise : D

  8. hello tomb.i also think we did great.we conquer lots of rooms.if it wasnt for vendatta we would have never reach here thank you vendetta and tomb for reaching this goal with nw

  9. does anyone know how to change your pic when you coment.plz reply

  10. we did great
    we did what know other army thought they could do. we tied with the number one army in cp. we are eight that is a big acclompishment


  12. Hey tomb and vendetta its eldeanho! we fought long and hard! I was just wondering, i’ve been to the last three penguin battles and have been going to the chat every day, i want to know what i have to do to get ranked

  13. WE SHOULD AT LEAST GOTON 2ND IN IT. and even during school i will still be active just like the last school year.

  14. The Night Warriors did so much better than ACP. All ACP can do is fill up rooms, and make themselves huge. They have no tactical skill what so ever. NW for 3rd place! :mrgreen:

  15. listen here we are the real best here i doesent matter what 3 judges think we can beat enyone and btw every room we saw a army we hamered them so idk how we lost

  16. GOOD JOB NW! If we keep this up we will be better than acp in no time! TAKE NOTE OF THIS: Only the winners have lost. The losers will just grow stronger and come out on top. Never let the ACP slow you down. They are just a nuisance to a growing army.|

    Sorry I was not on the chat but I tried to follow you on CP and tried to take some pics.


  18. Sry i havent been going to chat for a while (even though i know that you guys wont notice) but i am loyal and i do try going to chat when i can. hope u understand. cya

  19. i think even tho we lost yes it was a honourable loss, we fougt hard but we were a little short

  20. […] but the NW Leader Tomb seemed to almost be in a celebratory mood. In a speech on the NW site HERE, he felt that NW had performed far beyond expectation throughout the tournament, and the whole army […]

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