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Recruiting Sessions/Training

Edit: Late promotions are done. Not all the people that commented got one. Check ranks to see if you got a promotion.

Hey guys good job invading Snowforts from ACP, and finally settling the score with WW. We need to keep on growing and the only way is to recruit. I also want to train all the newbies that join so they’re not stumbling about.


Tuesday-Friday 8/24-8/27


1:00pm PST

2:00pm MST

3:00pm CST

4:00pm EST


To be announced.


|Shed No Tears|



43 Responses

  1. I can make it.

  2. i can make it anyday 😀

  3. i can
    make it

  4. sorry ven im in skool i cant make it

  5. i cant make it i have school

  6. yeah i can come. but Im supposed to be leading an invasion on snowforts tomorrow.

  7. i can make them.

  8. i can make it

  9. wil definetly be there!!

  10. i can make it

  11. ugg school i get home at 3:45

  12. cant school till 2:30

  13. ill make it

  14. Sry I’m cst and here my school is until 3:15 and the busses leave 3:30 get here around 4:00 sry…but I’ll try my best….

  15. I’m pretty sure i can make it

  16. i can make it!!!!! 😀

  17. I cant come to any of them

  18. i can come

  19. ill be able 2 come but my birthday is on thursday lol

  20. I might be able ill ask my mom if she has plans

  21. i can make it and school cant get in your way when u were i am

  22. i can make it on tuesday and wendsday

  23. Ill be there,Sorry i wasnt on that much yesterday internet was busted

  24. i have school but i will make it

  25. duh i can make it

  26. I can make it, but I’ll be a bit late.

  27. I will be thare sir

  28. yeah i can make it
    but i thought i was leading an attack on snow fort today

  29. I can make it.

  30. what sever is it ?

  31. I will be there like always.

  32. Also what will e time be for UK?

  33. cant got school

  34. hey you never posted the server.what sever will it be on?

  35. hi yeah ill be there on thursday 1:00pm till 3:00pm im still on summer hoilday on more week!!!!

  36. i can make it

  37. i dont under stand? wat is night warriors


    I can make it to watever it is because skool dosnt start for two weeks for mee!!!!!!!

  38. can i become a member

  39. i can come on the 4;00 pm invasion

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