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Invasion of Matterhorn and Ice Age *Saturday*

Nothing personal GT, you guys just have more servers than us and it seems a bit unfair. We are not doing because of any alliance, nor do we feel obligated to help our alliance member(though I feel it has already been disbanded). I was thinking of an army to invade and you were at the top of my list.



Saturday, 8/28


12:00pm PST

1:00pm MST

2:00pm CST

3:00pm EST



Saturday, 8/28


2:00pm PST

3:00pm MST

4:00pm CST

5:00pm EST

No Allies. No bots.



73 Responses

  1. i might make it

  2. I can make it

  3. i should be able to make them

  4. 2nd i can make it no matter what

  5. I can make it!

  6. I might make it.

  7. 1st no, still in school : / 2nd maybe, thats about exactly when i get home but usually my mom makes us eat right away so she and my bro can start on hw.

    • yeah sry thats me… my brother always comments on wordpress accounts his friends have… so he just does night warriors… yeah thats me…and i thought it was weekday *oops* yeah i might come… or my mom might kick me off the computer and shove me outside to the park XD(im so sweet : D) maybe…

  8. i can make it

  9. i cant make it im gonna beo vacation saturday and sunday

  10. Ironic how this happens right after I fire Vendetta from CPA Central 😐 GT will do our best though, I will assume for the sake of my sanity that it is just coincidental. Good luck, NW =3

    • Actually it’s not for that reason. You have some servers that I want in my possession.

  11. i might b able to make it but im not reely sure

  12. Hey I’m sorry but i might not make it!! My brother has his first football game on Saturday!! I’m very sorry



  14. i can make it and gt ur going DOWN

  15. i can defenetly make it

  16. Should have invaded NW nation when GT was world power. I had sympathy and allowed you guys to keep us from invading you guys. Even though i was cussed at and threatned by NW. Now you attack us when we are weak. What a fail -.-

  17. probaly will make it

  18. I can make both invasions

  19. I might make it.

  20. ill make it maybe

  21. i can make it!!!

  22. Lol Vend wait till GT gets big nub

    • Thanks, you’ve just convinced me that I should completely wipe out the GT threat. I was only going to make it a server invasion, but it seems you want war. And you will get it.

  23. i can make it

  24. I can make it

  25. i might make it.rock on nw!!:)

  26. i cant mak e it i have a football game

  27. i will be at both

  28. hi

  29. Prob yes 50 % yes

  30. i will make it unless somethin unexpected comes up at the last minute

  31. ill hopefully make it, cause im going to nj tomorrow afternoon.

  32. i can make it gt your going down

  33. I can make both! 😀
    Gin Ichimaru~

  34. I can make it.

  35. 😮 its like screw TG we got GT lol i can come

  36. ill be their

  37. super duper sorry! i cant make it! my mom said the darn computer got some stupid virus and cant go online tmr so that dad can fix it. truly sorry.ill come next time!

  38. I will be there. -Coolmanc1 NW segrant.

  39. i can make it

  40. Sir I will be to both of them no matter what.

  41. I dont kno if i can be there but ill try to come this might be the first war i actually shwo up to cuz usually my sister says i cant use teh computer at the times the war is on PST so maybe i might come for this war!GO NIGHT WARRIORS MIGHT OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. what about UK times?

  43. i can make it to both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. i can make it


  46. I Can make the matterhorn invasion. Possibly the Ice Age. But, May i ask, Y do we want these servers? GT doesnt even use matterhorn. Not That It matters tho. Ill be there.

  47. i can make it

  48. I’ll be there for the first one but I don’t know about the second, If I’m not there 40brownie40 will be.

  49. i will make it.

  50. /Users/christianmcghee/Desktop/photo.JPG.jpeg

  51. Vend why ru so mean to me 😦

  52. YEA WE WON!



  55. Swimmy15568
    the last time i came here i realy dont know i think acouple weeks or months maby august… JUST PLEASE RANK ME PLEASEEE

  56. […] which were to take place on August 28th. Here’s a quote from that post, which can also be viewed here: Nothing personal GT, you guys just have more servers than us and it seems a bit unfair. We are not […]

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