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Some things

Hello everyone, Tomb here.

First off, I’d like to congratulate everyone who came to the invasion of tundra, it was a complete success. We successfully invaded WW’s capital and are now in possession of it.

But the reason why I am writing this is because lately everyone has been putting the NW leadership down.

Take our good ‘ole friend Lje98. This is a excerpt from the WW site:

As for NW? You will pay. You will pay dearly. For I don’t care what Bri tells me to do, because it’s gonna embarrass us or whatever. You will pay. No-one takes our capital server and walks away without harm.

NW, soon will come your endgame. Soon you will be reduced to rubble. You could have avoided this. But you chose the wrong choice, Vending Machine.

My response: lolwut

See Lje, we will NOT pay. We have already payed our dues. We have worked hard to where we are now. We did not just become what we are over night. Both me and cookies have put many hours into making NW what it is today. So you would think because WW is a more experienced army, hell even one of the first armies, they above all would understand. But they don’t.

My point being, if you want to flame one person, be it me, cookies, or anyone else in NW. You are not calling them out,

You are calling out the NW Empire.

Now on a different note…

Some people think that it’s “sad” for us to be targeting the smaller armies, like GT. Especially because the once-mighty GT was oh so big, so we should really give them a chance to rebuild.

Boo hoo

You think WE had the mercy of bigger armies? Hell, we were an army that most people thought wouldn’t last a month. And it wasn’t so much that we wanted to target GT, we simply wanted those servers. So to the people and armies who want to talk behind our backs about how “ruthless” we are, put your money where your mouth is and bring it on. C’mon. I dare you.


So there is my rant. Hope you enjoyed it.



22 Responses

  1. It’s rainin’ men, halleluiah. *wary*

  2. Heck yeah

  3. Emmalise****

  4. Tomb, I agree with you fully.

  5. Nicely put.

  6. fail spelling of ur name emma XD nicely put Tomb i agree fully 🙂

  7. perfect tomb

  8. i agree tomb completly i think we should mess with ww some more by invading some more of their servers

  9. I totally agree Tomb, nicely put. They should be the ones being worried about being turned to rubble.

  10. Why is everyone copying me?

  11. Stop deleting my comments D:

  12. if we want servers we get them

  13. I agree. Especially when we can just keep fighting htem and turn them into rubble instead of us.

  14. We will put them down like pie idk if they tell us that we suck butt. We”ll kick their a** . Their to DUM to even realize that we are too strong for them. NW ROCKS

  15. I also agree with tomb too. We will not WW stand in our way

  16. hey ven and tomb, i was looking at the ww site and i said they should just end it, and they r all smug cause they think we wont invade them anymore so i think we should invade mukluk cause they think they r safe.

    this is just a suggestion. plz reply

  17. I say Lets go to war with The WWs

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