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Private Active check

Recruiting everyday. Click here to see post!


EDIT: The site is under construction, so it may look a little weird.

Hello NW. Tomb here.

So as you may or may not have noticed, we have a surplus of Privates. Well, the private rank takes up too much space, so I am holding a Private Active check.

This is what you need to write:

Name: (Your name here)

Last event you attended: (BE HONEST!)

This will be up until Wednesday, so please comment before Wednesday.


PS: While the active check is going on the JOIN page will be CLOSED. Sorry, but we need to be accurate with this.

PSS: If you don’t comment you will be deleted from the ranks.



44 Responses

  1. nacho practice battle

  2. chance nacho practice battle

  3. (1)shipe1
    (2)Practice battle with nachos

  4. 1. hbk300
    2. practice battle against nachos september 11th 2010

  5. one4444
    pratice battle with the nachos 🙂

  6. Scooty Jr3
    I was at the PB against the nachos
    P.S I still need to be put on the ranks

  7. Name: Krissy 144
    Battle last attended: Practice battle with the Nachos

  8. name: coolnic3
    last event you attended: practice battle with nachos on september 11th 2010

  9. 1. Johnny86098
    2. Practice battle with Nachos

  10. 1)xman28467
    2)practice battle vs. the nachos 9/11/2010

  11. 1. Joe 3179
    2. Practice battle vs the nachos 9/11/2010

  12. 1.pop3468
    2.practice battle with the nachos 9/11/10

  13. 1.iampizza
    2. practice battle against nachos september 11th 2010

  14. Name: Dr Cool 137

    Last Event Attended: Practice battle versus Nachos on Sept. 11, 2010

  15. 1. Jillykinz
    2. Practice battle with nachos sep 11

  16. 1. Jillamander
    2. Couldn’t make it to nachos practice battle, it was first battle since I was ranked

  17. Name: 10Freddy
    last battle attended: The last battle i attended was the practice battle with the nachoes on 9/11/10

  18. name:jjpelp
    last event you attended:legends cup semi finals

  19. 1.Angel2008 (chat name: megan)

    2. the promotion battle against the acp way bak about a month ago….i think. The reason y cant come to much battles is becuase im soo busy when i want to come i can’t. im really srry about that, but i go on chat every day.

  20. 1.freerick3
    2.tundra invastion

  21. 1.frederick3
    2.tundra invastion

  22. 1.BUYOUTH

  23. 1.Ninjamunkee
    2. never went to any battles, I’m a newer private

  24. 1.tompack

    2.pb with nachows

  25. Practice battle with nacos

  26. srry my name is curious geor

  27. Name: (Mini17059)

    Last event you attended: (practice battle with nachos)

  28. Name: Gin Ichimaru
    Last event attended: PB with Nachos
    I was at my gradparent’s house… slow computers…
    I couldn’t get on the chat.

  29. my name is nukacola18 and i went to the invasion of yukon

  30. 1:Gwen44108~aka~THE EVIL DEVIL (my cp name is Gwen44107) 2:Practice battle with the nachos

  31. Mecoria

    I have never been to a battle because I dont Know if ive been ranked. Please tell me if ive been ranked at all thanks. 🙂

    Edit: To check for your rank go on the ranks page and Press Ctrl then F on your keyboard, then type your name in.

  32. Mecoria

    If Im not ranked please rank me. :-/

  33. i already comment

  34. 1. Mubinsd the NW (My Cp name is Mubinsd)
    2. When we went for battle with nachoes 🙂

  35. Name: Alex19201

    Last event you attended: Invasion of Tundra from WW

  36. 1)cruddycamper
    2)tundra invasion

  37. 1.Lego Rex547
    2.Practice battle with Nachos

  38. Ummmm Plz plz I can beat anything i am the fastest snowball thrower in CP im FASTER THEN ANY SNOWBALL THROWER SO THAT CAN BE A BIG USE

  39. i was at practice battle with nachos

  40. 1-Soldierboy48
    2-Invasion of Ice Age/ Matterhorn
    Srry, iv been really busy the past weeks with wrestling and school.

  41. Nicole30267
    nacho private battle

  42. Name: Maxxor129
    Last event you attended: Invasion of Ice Age/Matterhorn.

  43. 1.Prankster Me
    2.practice battle with nachos

    p.s. i would honestly love to know why im banned at the chat.


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