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Mass Recruitment weekend.

Hello everyone, Tomb here.

Before I continue with this post, I’d like to point out and congratulate everyone that we, The Night Warriors of Club Penguin are now the 2nd strongest army in Club Penguin. I’d like to point out that we cannot, and we will not get cocky. Now that we are on top, alot of armies want our spot. Especially the army we took it from. Only through hard work will we prove to everyone that we are not some type of one-day-show. We will maintain our spot, and we will continue to thrive. By thrive, I mean get #1 in Club Penguin.


Well, the main point for this post is to announce we will be having a Mass recruitment weekend!

What is Mass Recruitment? Well, mainly what it is, is that we get on CP as a group and/or by yourselves and recruit for a long period of time, and many times a day. We will probably get on every 1-2 hours for recruiting at least 45 minutes. REMEMBER: If we do not recruit, we cannot grow as an army. This is essential to us getting bigger, and this will count as 65% of your next promotion. So if you do not make anything, you have a 35% chance of promo, and you still have to comment, be on chat, and all the other things. Long story short: Make your life easier and make the recruitment.

We will have 2 main recruiting sessions on each mass recruitment day. (Saturday & Sunday), and about 10 mini ones. The mini ones will be when an owner or mod sees there is a good amount of troops online to recruit. The scheduled ones are the big ones where we will go on as full army. Below are the times for them:

Full Army sessions Day #1(Saturday)

Saturday, September 18.


3:00 PM EST

2:00 PM CST

1:00 PM MST

12:00 PM PST

8:00 PM GMT

~~~~Session #2(Saturday)~~~~

8:00 PM EST

7:00 PM CST

6:00 PM MST

5:00 PM PST

1:00 AM GMT

Server?: Will be decided.

Full Army recruiting sessions Day #2(Sunday)

Sunday, September 19

5:00 PM EST

4:00 PM CST

3:00 PM MST

2:00 PM PST

10:00 PM GMT

~~~~Session #2(Sunday)~~~~

8:00 PM EST

7:00 PM CST

6:00 PM MST

5:00 PM PST

1:00 AM GMT


  • Use the following phrases:


This is very important, and everyone has to come. Try your best to be on chat 80% of the day on Saturday and Sunday. This is the point of a “mass recruitment”. I’ll see you there 😆

Live free or don’t at all



43 Responses

  1. I can make it 🙂

  2. me try to make it


  4. i can make it

  5. The hole day well i cant for the hole day but i can for a while.

  6. What would the UK time for these be?
    If its reasonable i can make them all probably

    Edit: GMT time is UK

  7. I think i can make it! But im not promising. But really i think i can make it

  8. The Might of the Night will DOMINATE Club Penguin :D. BTW Tomb, Ven, vince, etc. Unban me from the chat.

  9. yikes.. bad times.. the 3:00 one i can deffinately make.. 5:00 ones i can make but may have to leave a bit near the end depending on when i have dinner.. the 8:00 ones well i’ll have to see but i should be able to make all of them.. (me is EST time) long comment sry XD

  10. ill make it

  11. idk i’ll try but idk

  12. I can make em all if my computer doesn’t go down again.

  13. Ill make it but sometimes the chat wont work for me

    Try using xat mobile on your pc: http://m.xat.com


  15. i’ll try to make both


  17. i can make it

  18. I’ll be there

  19. i will be at all 4 for sure

  20. I will try to come!!! : D

  21. Im comming as usual especialy cause i need a freaking promo lol cya there tomb ven and vince:)

  22. Im so ready because some day we will take the ACP spot and be the new number 1 army. The Ice Warriors will never get their spot back because we worked hard and hopefully someday become the the number 1 army in all of CP armies but we must work harder now more than ever with our new rank in the top ten armies to keep it so we can one day take the spot of the ACP.

  23. Sure I will come I just hope I don’t forget : P


  25. Ok. I can come!

  26. im comin ill be there

  27. i can only make the first sessions

  28. ill be there 4 sure!

  29. I can make it 😀

  30. Sorry i haven’t been on for the past 2 days Thursday was my birthday and Friday was my Grandfather’s and I went to a football game.

  31. Will Make it.

  32. idk i might be able to but prob not so we’ll se i guess

  33. I can make it tomb

  34. I can make it

  35. Can’t on Saturday I’m going to a birthday party in half an hour she lives across the street-Literally right across me- so we might sleepover or stay long… and yeah no sry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. whats the server for saturday?

  37. I can come today and i went yesterday aswell 🙂

  38. I don’t have internet, currently. Keep up the recruiting sessions. Someone needs to do promotions. I’ll be back in around 1-3 weeks. I’ll check up from the library.

  39. i will make it

  40. I made some of them.

  41. im going to the battle you know the the one on oct 16 im there now! it ended though xD

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