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*Battle Fjord*

Edit: The invasion is now a practice battle, but you STILL HAVE TO COME. It is imperative we show everyone how we haven’t “died”, only how we have risen.

The Night Warriors of Club penguin will be pb’ing DCP.

No reason in particular why, just so we can put all our recruiting and training the past week and a half to good use. 😉

Here’s the information:


When?: Saturday, October 2nd

Where?: Fjord


2:00 pm PST

3:00 pm MST

4:00 pm CST

5:00 pm EST

10:00 pm GMT

Invasion of Fog

Where?: Fog

When?: Saturday, October 2nd


3:30 pm PST

4:30 pm MST

5:30 pm CST

6:30 pm EST

11:30 pm GMT

❗ When you comment if you can make the Fog invasion, say this in a comment: “Fog: I can make it” ❗


  • No Allies
  • No Bots

I expect everyone to be there because this is a very important battle.



59 Responses

  1. I can come.

  2. i can come

  3. i can come 🙂

  4. shure i can homie tomb

  5. i should be able to make it

  6. I dont think i can make it.. im sorry..


  8. I’ll try

  9. I can make it

  10. ill be there- jet

  11. ill be there WOO! P.S. i hope the nachos dont know about this 😀


  13. its best to remember our plans and not do joke bombs

  14. I’ll be there 😀

  15. I’ll be there

  16. I can make it there

  17. i can come

  18. ACP can come. We’re allies with the DCP . . . but you already knew that. 😉

    Tomb edit: It’s a no allies battle :s Wth would ACP get involved?

    • Oagal, insted of dictatoring things up, let the leaders decide please.

    • Oagal, RPF is having to rally everything it has to fight TG for a just cause, but your supporting DCP’s unjust cause to a defend a server they don’t even need? Especially when RPF is a much more loyal friend, DCP would leave you in an instant if you ever lost your power.

      Tomb: Agreed.

  19. hell yeah im so comeing!!!!

  20. i can come

  21. Fog:
    I can make it.

  22. Fjord: I can most likely make it.
    Fog: I can most likely make it.

  23. i can make it but WHY ARE WE INVADING OUR CAPITAL, FOG

  24. I can’t say I can definitely make it if I don’t go to the carnival then yes if I do I can’t

  25. pretty aure i can come to both

  26. Jw, dont you own Fog as your capital?

  27. i can make them all

  28. i can make fjord and fog probably

  29. 1. DCP never asked us.
    2. Nachos are helping you 😕

    I have no clue why Oagal Commented that. They never asked us and I haven’t even heard of this until now. Bob hasn’t been on, I have so I’m sure they’d ask me. Sorry for the confussion!

    Good luck,
    From ACP.

    Edit: Nachos are not helping us, if you would notice, they are invading Fog (our capital) at the same day and time. I am glad you came here and said this.

  30. I’ll be there

  31. I can come to both

  32. Fog i can make it and i can make Fjord to

  33. Fjord: Hopefully
    Fog: Hopefully…. 1 computer 5 ppl not helping..

  34. I can make it to most of it.

  35. My dad hates me going on the computer when I could go outside, so if I even can, I would have to pick one to go to. Tell me which one you think is more important.

  36. i can make it at fog and fjord

  37. making both

  38. i can make it to fjord & fog

  39. also why are we invaiding our own capital?

  40. I can make both wars

  41. Fog, I can make it. ( no school)

  42. Fog: I can make it 🙂
    thanks for finally ranking me

  43. Fjord: I can make it 🙂

  44. i will try to make it

  45. commander i will be making it lets win this!

  46. I CAN’T MAKE IT ): My laptop cord messed up/broke so I’m on my dad’s and I can’t go on chat last time I did the laptop broke so I can’t I mean I’ll be on cp but I’ll be late at doing things because I’m not on chat.

  47. i made the first battle! awsomeeeee. can i have a promosion please tomb???ill now going to wait for the 2nd invasion

  48. i made it to fjord

  49. im at fog

  50. Oops… forgot to say I could come…
    I am there though! 😀

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